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just a dude who likes mlp way to much for some reason

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  • 173 weeks
    i am doind a biography on m.a Larsen!

    for a school project we are doing a biography on a person we idolize. i was going to do Lauren Faust but she is not as present in the mlp comunity as m.a larsen. so im going to do m.a larsen. any interviews you know of or just any info in general would be very helpfull.

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  • 175 weeks
    i want to right a few poems for a friend any ideas

    i have not seen my best friend in 2 years because of covid. he does not even go to school or choir or karate anymore, so i want to wright a few poems about how much i miss him but my mind is completely blank. i need to do this soon cus i really want to show him how much i miss as soon as i can.

    but again any topics, ideas, suggestion, places i could look for ideas, so on.

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  • 177 weeks
    i made a pony oc named sunnybubbles yay

    i am making a back story right now and i have a sketched him but i need to make a file on the pc i have to do it so i have to use a painting program, i have never used one so, this might be a challenge. any suggestions on a program i could us?

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  • 177 weeks
    A surprise from death

    A surprise from death 

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  • 177 weeks
    i am going to post a short story i wrote jacked up on redbull

    its not going to be spelt right but I want the original thing posted lmao.

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i'm writing a new story called love is worth killing for · 2:41pm Dec 17th, 2020

here is the description
it had only been a few days scene SHE took him. My only love. The one who made my life worth while.
He made me happy and there are only a few ways in life to be happy.i have tried all of the other ways. I am too weak to be happy. But HE made me happy and SHE took him away. There are only a few ways to gain him back, and one way. is to take her out of his life....

(also here is the picture that inspired this story)

(also the first chapter is called the way the river flows)

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Comments ( 8 )

Is that Pinkamena in the artwork

it's marblepie pinkie's sister

also i did not make it i found it on pintrest and don't know who mad it sadly.

That’s really unexpected

That’s sure to surprise people ^_^

I’m sure it might be fine.

I scratch things off of google images:twilightsheepish:

i'm really scared about writing this, i dont know who i want in the story or what the end should be like so i'm kinda freaking out

thanks that clears the plate, i may not need to search the web for who made this.

Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll figure it out

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