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just a dude who likes mlp way to much for some reason

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  • 173 weeks
    i am doind a biography on m.a Larsen!

    for a school project we are doing a biography on a person we idolize. i was going to do Lauren Faust but she is not as present in the mlp comunity as m.a larsen. so im going to do m.a larsen. any interviews you know of or just any info in general would be very helpfull.

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  • 174 weeks
    i want to right a few poems for a friend any ideas

    i have not seen my best friend in 2 years because of covid. he does not even go to school or choir or karate anymore, so i want to wright a few poems about how much i miss him but my mind is completely blank. i need to do this soon cus i really want to show him how much i miss as soon as i can.

    but again any topics, ideas, suggestion, places i could look for ideas, so on.

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  • 176 weeks
    i made a pony oc named sunnybubbles yay

    i am making a back story right now and i have a sketched him but i need to make a file on the pc i have to do it so i have to use a painting program, i have never used one so, this might be a challenge. any suggestions on a program i could us?

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  • 176 weeks
    A surprise from death

    A surprise from death 

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  • 176 weeks
    i am going to post a short story i wrote jacked up on redbull

    its not going to be spelt right but I want the original thing posted lmao.

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i'm not done the story called love is worth killing for but i wanted to share this paragraph with y'all. · 2:35pm Dec 18th, 2020

And as quickly as she found happiness with him, it had been taken away, the one hope for a life worth living, was striped right before her very eyes. She had taken her away from Marble. SHE had taken him away from Marble. SHE had taken him away from Marble. And in that very moment, Marble was trusted back into the void, her body slipping away from her. The tears welling in her eyes, her body panicking and trying to run away, but she did not care, she took him away from her. And that's all she cared about. that one line repeated her mind. echoing in the depths of the void, her heart crying for help, but the mind too deep to hear. The body pulsing in fear, her lungs gasping for air, but the body paralyzed in fear. She was falling in the void, Marble was going crazy, fantasies of her with him passed through the air. Torturing her with the taunt that she would never be with him, she was going crazy. And she could not stop it. Marble began shouting to stop, covering her ears in pain, but one could not escape the doubts that plague the mind. She needed to get the voices out of her head, they were all chanting kill,kill,kill. She never listens to the doubts of her mind, but this once, she would listen. She would KILL.

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also i thinking of this scene like the one from get out (the movie) were he is falling in the void
(skip to 1:50)

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