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Even though I look new I am from from it. I'm actually very keen in this website it's just that something went wrong with my account. odd isn't it.


My account is weird · 9:12pm Jan 15th, 2012

This is very odd for me since this account is a bit strange. Let me explain by telling you that I love this website and every singe brony and pegasister on it to the bottom of my heart. but I'm having trouble with the comments and records. If you note on my account it would say I haven't done shit. Whenever I try and post a comment I get sent right to the home page where all the newest stories are. and when I look back I don't see anything. I also note that my account information says I didn't

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The sickest thing about this might be that the bullies keep on living, and are probably completely happy with themselves. Also, plagarism. copyright. makes the bullies play the victim. you're pathetic copyright PAILS in comparison to the life you just took. As a creator of fan games, I've seen for myself plenty the idea of online bullies who think their "copyright" is a worse problem than the anxiety, pain, etc of their victims. And he is NOT a coward for deleting mean comments. I've been through that too. The fact he even felt the need to apologize to, I'm sorry but, his murderers, it just plain sickening. Also, word of advice. Never join the MMD community if you don't have to. The people in it make selfish playgroundy "rules" and will behave absolutely SAVAGE if you break them. And don't talk to the artists who made "Desktop Ponies" if you decide to use their sprites in a game. I still say use their stuff anyway though, it's way more innocent than they are. If they give you shut though, you just have to be strong and don't give in to their demands and block them, etc and don't stop using their stuff in an innocent harmless way. I know it's hard, but it's worth it to endure the pain. Giving in to them gives them more power. If you encounter mean people like this, and they make you feel like a bad guy, please know that their words, or the anger and pain THEY claim to have because of you, they are not legit, and they are just mean people capable of taking lives. It can even give you comfort if you're able to write them off as evil, almost criminals that way rather than believing what they say. And if you like something, and just wanna use it as part of your innocent, free fan creation, just do what you love. You shouldn't need anybody's permission for that. And if this guy's family is reading this, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm sure he's with the ponies now. ♥

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