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1474296 There does not need to be change, if nothing needs changing. Like I said, boringness is a flaw. If a a completely good world is a bad thing, then the world is not completely good. If good and evil must work together in harmony, then both good and evil are good, so everything is good, and nothing is evil. Perhaps we agree in different words. However, most people who want good and evil to exist, use this as an excuse to justify the possibility of mean behavior, or just accepting it, instead of standing up for the right thing no matter what, against all odds.

You are a Jehovah's witness? But doesn't your profile say you are just a teenager? Perhaps you have some thinking to do. Afterall, the term is something you didn't come up with, and therefore, even if you think otherwise, your mind has been closed off by others, by a certain extent even if you are more open minded than most.

So you believe the ultimate evil is named "Satan" and that the ultimate good's name is "Jehovah"? I thought I read in the history books that, according to Christians, his name is "Yaweh". But the Muslims would disagree, and say he is named "Allah" instead. And all of you believe in only one God, yours, and talk as if that is fact. Even though you have no proof, you will say it's because you have faith. Yet you will use the logic that 1=1, and 1 can't equal 2, in order to reason that your God is the only one that exists, even though you are believing there is only one God due to faith and not logic. And you will use logic to tear apart an innocent game, because you need proof that the game is good, or you can't believe it's good (aside from the fact that you claimed to like it, but were expecting it to be perfect).

Oh Please. You can't put a name on such intangible things. The only "divine ruler" there will ever be is the magic of friendship. With all it's followers being, I am sure you know what. The only "ultimate evil" there will ever be is Discord, as in the concept of what his name means, not the innocent dragon who makes chocolate rain and is reformable. It's followers being what I refer to as... can you guess?

Of course, I say this knowing full well that these are only my words for things. Any substitute can be made, as long as it holds the exact same meaning and does not include ignorance... and many aspects of religion are ignorant, especially the ones that do not understand this, but instead try to put logical rules about intangible, illogical things, only to say they don't need logical proof because they have faith.

And so you know, a world without logic, by the very definition of what it means, does not have to be without logic. And therefore, the only thing I ever judge anything on, is whether it causes happiness and takes pain away, or whether it causes pain and takes happiness away. That is why I call myself a certain thing. I truly know what it actually means, while the followers of evil will attempt to use the very idea of what good is, for the sake of their evil.... and I will attempt to stop them. Meanwhile, I will attempt to use their evil to promote good instead.... with them trying to stop me. Sounds like a never ending war, doesn't it? Haven't you people learned? The magic of friendship is the most powerful magic of all. In otherwords, good trumps evil and will inevitably win the war. This includes ending all conflict, which you say will never happen. You saying it will never happen is closed minded, and closed mindness causes me pain. So... think about your actions, and which side they give power to. Even if good is inevitably going to win, pain and the destruction of happiness is delaying the inevitable, and causing more suffering in the meantime. My purpose is merely to minimize that.

It is perfectly fine, and also expectable, to combine logical things with things that aren't. But such a thing, like anything else, must be done to help happiness instead of pain. Same applies to the act of being hypocritical. Afterall, I believe good should be allowed to do whatever it wants, as long as it remains good. But that evil should not be allowed to ever do anything, as long as it remains evil.

How I feel about you come from the vibe I get from your heart. I still feel a vibe that contains closed mindness, despite everything you have said. Especially since you ripped apart my game over picky stuff, promised to stop doing that, but still did it again.... even though either way, you still think such a hurtful negative thing is okay in general, and only agreed to stop to avoid giving me pain.... even though my pain comes from knowing what's in your heart, not what you tell me. This is not less important than or irrelavant to the idea that you are trying to assign names to, what is basically, happiness and pain themselves (which still have names, in the form of the words used for them, but at least these recognize the intangibleness of them). Both this, as well as tearing apart games and expecting them to be perfect, speak to me about what is in your heart in general. They speak to me about the levels of how much Discord and Love are in your heart. Because these two things are all that's ultimately there, with every other idea being under them.

Well, he was given a parole of sorts until the aftermath of Tirek's conquest, when Twilight realized that Discord was sincere. I agree with you on the role shift. Incompetence amongst heroes bereaves them of all right to good.

It seems these people are the patient sort, at least. My encounters with people have been rather fortunate. I tend to fully expose things that could potentially be used against me, and so far, I have received no word or notice suggesting this has been the cause. I seem to attract good-willed people on this site. It is a shame the same can't be said of you. Misfortune.

It depends on where and how you stand. There are people almost everywhere who will disagree with the sentiment that "difference is evil" and will be by your side. I find that the more vulnerable I remain, the more people will support and otherwise prove to me the wonders that humans are capable of. If it is a nefarious scheme to gain my trust, it seems arbitrary.

There will always be conflict in this world, whether purely ideological or literal. Hypocrisy and constant contradiction makes logic and reason difficult to maintain. People claim that their Gods created this world exactly as they saw fit. As a Jehova's Witness who at least has faith in spite of practising little of the faith's liturgy, I believe in the fact that it is Satan who currently governs this world, hoping to cause as much chaos as possible until the time runs out, and Jehova reinsert himself as the utmost ruler of the earthly and heavenly world. Do excuse me if I sound awfully faithful. I'm not.

The discouragement of homosexuality, like many things of the bible, is greatly exaggerated. The only thing it said of it was; "a man may not sleep with a man as he sleeps with a woman." This does not mean that a man loving a man is incorrect. They are then considered "eunuchs" who still have a place in the coming world, unless I'm mistaken.

The reasoning for "evil must forever be opposed to good, there must always be two" appears to serve as a tug of war ensuring that the rope does not stillen. Some believe that without pain to strive to conquer, there will be no change for none wish to make it so. There are many things that don't make sense in this world.

1467405 I will forcibly expose everything to a "friendship stone" which is an item I created that works on a pokemon of any species, as well as on something that is not a pokemon, and evolves them into the warrior of friendship species! though, this will likely only change their hearts, and not their physical body, which might appear to remain the same species it was before. Since mean species do not wish to change, that is the reason why it must be forced on them. But once the change is complete, they will be grateful, and the fact that they are now a warrior of friendship is the reason why, due to what warriors of friendship believe. I can rest assure you that their evolution will not cause them to lose any of the unique qualities of their previous species that were innocent. In otherwords, they will keep their nature and their stats will improve, since a loving species is a better, more powerful species. They will keep the same graphics, animations, voices, sound effects, and moves too, with the only difference being they are now completely loving. And as a result of this, they can learn new moves too. If cures breed, they can pass on their attacks such as lovely beam as egg moves, to newly born warriors of friendship. If a cure gains an upgraded attack due to becoming more loving, then her kids will start out with these upgraded attacks, as well as the added amount of love that goes with them. IVs are a matter of how prone a warrior of friendship is to making mistakes, how naturally not making them comes to them, and how much they've learned from them - in otherwords, the thing that causes cures to get upgrades, even though they are already warriors of friendship anyway. Upgrading the already existing cures who are not obtained by breeding means changing their IVs... by defying science, since the game is programmed to not let them change. Not like we can't hack it. But anyway, this is why cures obtained from breeding have better IVs. But as they are the warrior of friendship species, they will still always make up for mistakes and do the right thing. This is why IVs are not that important, and why I hate when people care about them. This is not roleplay. It is a metaphor, but one that I truly believe.

1467405 I am a warrior of friendship, which is a different species. Therefore, my "primal instincts", or the equivelent thereof, are not to ensure the survival of the human race, but to continue my warrior of friendship-ness! The warrior of friendship species puts love, friendship, and happiness above everything else, while humans don't. this is a difference between species which is no different in nature than the fact that cats have tails and people don't, cats say meow, dogs bark, while people speak english/spanish/german/french/whatever. But because we are a loving species, we deserve to be the dominant one. if love is dominant, the concept of dominance will not include being mean to others, or those you are dominant over. It won't even include forcing them to do things or taking away their free will - as long as they are just as loving as a warrior of friendship! of course, being a different species, they are probably not going to be. It goes back to my desire even to change science. Not like the concept of "species" is not a logical rule of earth, decided on by humans, that can't be changed, or deviated from.

1467405 It is not as if I don't empathize with the idea that forgiveness should be earned... it's just that I think we are agreeing in different words. It's not as if I would be okay with it, if I could tell they were not sincere. But imagine if the ponies didn't forgive discord? wouldn't he go back to being bad, since he was shown that being good meant nothing to the supposed good guys? If that were to happen, I would fully begrudge the ponies and deem them as crappy protagonists. And if discord made chaos against them after being hurt by them that way, I would see him as the good guy. Even if his intentions were still not the greatest here, I would sympathize with him far more. I will admit that it kinda annoyed me that the ponies who were not fluttershy were not very tolerant of him. But it was fully negated in the last episode.

I cannot actually believe you when you say I can find "true friends" online. Not when it is costantly and consistently being proven to me otherwise, and meanwhile, pretty much no evidence is being given to me to suggest otherwise. It's not like I haven't been betrayed by multiple online friends I have known for years, all of whom said at first the same type of stuff you are. Despite everything you are saying, I think you are the one who sees the magic of friendship in too much of a rosey sugar coated light. It's not like that's not a concept to me that I am ignorant of. It's actually quite clear to me that friendship is not magic in this world. Friends are obtained by not being different, and even if you are different, not having opinions everybody disagrees with, even if those opinions are right. Friends are obtained by not placing enough investment in the person, and by not holding the magic of friendship in your heart enough, and by not having high enough expectations of what a good friend is. By just going with the flow, regardless of how poisonous the water is. It's not as if I am just okay with this though. I intend to make friendship BECOME magic. And I intend to do this too all of time and space, in every dimension, including fictional ones. I desire an existence that is completely light... in which everyone gets everything they want and is happy.... and where no two wants conflict... regardless of whether they are two wants held at the same time by one person, or the wants of two different people. A world where the desires of our heart powers everything, and all we have to do is want the problem to go away, and it will go away. A perfect world cannot be boring, as boringness is a flaw, since it is not desirable, and if perfect means it has no flaws, then it can't be boring. I understand this cannot be achieved easily, and probably won't be in my current lifetime. I may come back here for another life time, or I might not and go elsewhere. But if I am to even obtain any progress to the world I want, I must villainize such ideas as "their must be a balance of good and evil... good cannot exist without evil". Why is this? due to science or something? Not like I don't want to defy science too. Of course it goes without saying that something I constantly villainize, is the circle of life.... which the lion king portrays in much to rosy a light - the animal kingdom has an equivelent for just about every awful thing people seem to think is evil, yet are not above hypocritically doing in the right circumstances. Including murder (of their own species and not for food - even though a world where eating is not neccessary is a mere basic aspect of my desires) , rape, pedophilia, necrophilia, and prostitution. Bullying and stuff of the like are natural, and due to our primal desires to be alpha. Our instinct to survive ourselves, which takes priority over the survival of our species, which takes priority over doing what's right and the happiness of others, regardless of what species they are. Yet people say that God made everything exactly as it is supposed to be, and that God is good. I cannot buy that at all. Either God made the world the way he did not desire or intend by accident, or he has no control over it or DIDN'T actually create it, or, possibly, God is evil. No blindly followed book is going to change my thinking there, and blind ignorance is something I am going to try and destroy, and this takes priority over "respecting" somebody's religious ideals. And the reason people say being gay is against god... well... it's just a cover up, which even the people saying it are not aware of - our primal instinct see homosexuality as a threat to the survival of our own species. so therefore, even though it doesn't even affect us, we try to destroy something innocent, using psuedo logic, due to our primal instincts we are not even aware of. Of course, whenever I try to raise awareness on this issue, most people, even the ones who claim to be spiritually wise, just turn around and say that primal instincts are a good thing, and even if they recognize the problems they present, do not even wish to try and change them. this is, of course, due to primal instincts being present in that person, and therefore, once again, they see what I say as a threat and therefore, try to tear it down with psuedo logic while not being aware of why they are doing it. hypocrisy and bullying happens because we are not made to be good friends who mean what we say. we are made to try and survive. which is a pretty pointless existence I am not okay with. I believe myself to be the lone person who, is either above primal instincts... or perhaps, have instincts of my own which are different - to destroy primal instincts, especially when they are hurtful! It is, of course, completely natural to try and impede the natural behavior of something else, if it gets in the way of your own natural behavior. I could go on and on forever. I suppose I should stop now. But, if you are going to impede what I myself desire - to end selfishness and make everything happy - then I will see you on the metaphorical battlefield, with my name in blue and yours in red. Of course, if a miracle happened where you actually empathized with all this, causing my battle statement to be an overreaction, then that'd be awesome. But given how extreme it all is, I am not very hopeful. But all of it is important to my heart nonetheless, and I will not allow anyone to impede it, as lack of impedement is important to my heart too. It is my strong opinion that mean or hateful opinions should not be respected, and the holder of them needs to be cleansed of them. If you disagree with this, and are offended as a result, then you are not respecting my opinion and trying to cleanse me of it. Interesting, isn't it?

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