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The Riph

UK Brony. Games Designer/Programmer. Writing is not my best skill. I do tend to make spelling or grammar errors. I do want to improve and hope you all can help me.

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A group of five ponies who have never met each other. All meet up at the local bar in ponyville where they become good friends as we share their live in ponyville. To introduce from left to right: the pegasus pony up top is Foxglove, the energetic artist who discovers the world below Cloudsdale and how much more color it has. The tri-colored mane pony is Pinstripe, the smartalec brainiac pony who is a resident of Ponyville testing out his new experiments. The blue pony is Starbuck, the passive unicorn pony who is caretaker of a bookstore in Ponyville. The purple unicorn is Skylight Spinner, the bubbly and energetic host of the Ponyville radio station. And the orange pegasus pony is Radburn, the mellow pot-bellied owner of the local pub. Join them in their crazy antics. From fun to life to romance.

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