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Avid reader. Been writing since forever. Brand new to the world of fanfiction and this whole Brony thing. (He/Him)


Story notes for "Netflix and Chill? No, not like THAT!" and other random updates. · 10:42am April 6th

Should probably have done this ages ago, but, uhh... I was busy. Yeah, that's the excuse I'm going to go with. <.<

I was honestly surprised by the sheer amount of positive feedback my little tale about a man living as the housemate of two ponies got. It also genuinely makes me smile that several people could feel a connection to Andy's struggles, at least when it comes to the frustration of trying to find a steady job.

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Finally, an avatar of my very own · 8:05pm March 1st

At long last I've got an avatar I can call my own, even though that shadowy, grinning princess of the Moon was doing its job quite well up until now.

And hey, with it... An actual ref for my ponysona! Ladies and gentlecolts, meet Fable Caster.

Done by Zerwolf over on FurAffinity.

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Pre-/Proofreaders and where to find them? · 1:45am Sep 9th, 2020

As the title says, I find myself in need of a proofreader since my go-to one unfortunately is too busy and had to bow out. So uhh... Anyone got any ideas where I could go to look for one? Or at least point me generally in the right direction? Please and thank you?

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COVID-19 made a brony out of me! · 3:34pm Aug 13th, 2020

Clickbait machine goes "brrrrr" or however that meme goes.

All joking aside it's actually sorta, kinda true. I'm writing this all down more for myself to save for posterity than anything else, but if, for whatever reason, you're curious how someone ended up becoming a brony in 2020, then strap yourself in and prepare for a ride most underwhelming!

Still here? Okay then, heeeeere goes!

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