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Another day, another failed job application... In other words, Andy is having a bad one. Luckily his equine housemates are there to brighten it up.

A Ponies on Earth story.

CW: This story touches upon subjects of depression and mental health.

Profanity: Our resident human drops a couple of bad words, but nothing too excessive.

[Rated T for some saucy humor and bad language.]

[Featured on 22.02.2021; Thanks for all the love, everyone!]

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After a chance encounter with a stranger at her campsite, Trixie inadvertently sends a vampire to menace the small farming town of New Hayshire.

Will the denizens of the peaceful, sleepy farming community be able to stand against the wrath of a monster straight out of old mares' tales? Or are they all doomed to become little more than cattle to slake the vampire's unending hunger?

Tag Update: As the former "Blood/Gore" tag has now been changed to just "Gore", it has subsequently been removed as unnecessary. The story still contains scenes of a vampire feeding on its victims and fairly minor descriptions of wounds/injuries suffered in violent conflict.

Proofreader(s): Book Wyrm (Chapter 1)

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