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In the year 15 AE, the princesses Luna and Celestia sealed Equestria away. Cutting all of pony kind off from the rest of Tyria. Now 1309 years later the space distorting barrier has been broken by the power of the Elder Dragons. The Changeling army, seeing a weakness, has returned to devour all of Equestria. And the Cult of Chaos has stolen Discord’s statue, intent on freeing their mad god and spreading their madness to all of Tyria. Now the elements of harmony must travel to long forgotten lands to gather allies to combat these evils.
Rated Teen for some gore, particularly when dealing with the Nightmare Court.
Didn't add the human tag, because even though there are humans, they aren't the main focus.
I don't own anything from My Little Pony or Guild Wars. They belong to Hasbro and ArenaNet respectively.
Special shout out to Anet for actualy encouraging this type of thing.
First ever fanfic, so please be kind. Though constructive critisisms are always welcome.

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