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Nostolgia · 5:06am Sep 12th, 2014

I think everyone looks back into their respective pasts from time to time. As of late I've had more than enough time to reflect on days long gone. Before I had moved on. I remember countless waking hours sitting at my computer to naught but the sound of my keys clacking away into the empty space of my room. I remember messages, comments, and long sessions spent talking with either fans or other addicts of this drug called "writing". I remember seemingly endless days at work. Days that, for me,

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A more genuine goodbye. · 11:31am Aug 11th, 2012

My inane ramblings!

The above is a recording I just did. It is me trying to give a better goodbye and the real reason I quit. It is out there really more for my sake. It was just something I felt needed to be done. Anyway, I hope it gives better closure than my last blog. Take it easy, y'all.

... I hate the sound of my own voice, I swear...

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One last blog post. · 9:13pm Aug 9th, 2012

Well, folkies... I'm calling it done. Yup. I simply don't have the desire to write anymore. Like... At all. I've been kidding myself for a long time now. Each word I've written is forced, and it doesn't have the emotion behind it that it used to. So... I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore.

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