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    I think everyone looks back into their respective pasts from time to time. As of late I've had more than enough time to reflect on days long gone. Before I had moved on. I remember countless waking hours sitting at my computer to naught but the sound of my keys clacking away into the empty space of my room. I remember messages, comments, and long sessions spent talking with either fans or other

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  • 522 weeks
    A more genuine goodbye.

    My inane ramblings!

    The above is a recording I just did. It is me trying to give a better goodbye and the real reason I quit. It is out there really more for my sake. It was just something I felt needed to be done. Anyway, I hope it gives better closure than my last blog. Take it easy, y'all.

    ... I hate the sound of my own voice, I swear...

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  • 522 weeks
    One last blog post.

    Well, folkies... I'm calling it done. Yup. I simply don't have the desire to write anymore. Like... At all. I've been kidding myself for a long time now. Each word I've written is forced, and it doesn't have the emotion behind it that it used to. So... I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore.

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A more genuine goodbye. · 11:31am Aug 11th, 2012

My inane ramblings!

The above is a recording I just did. It is me trying to give a better goodbye and the real reason I quit. It is out there really more for my sake. It was just something I felt needed to be done. Anyway, I hope it gives better closure than my last blog. Take it easy, y'all.

... I hate the sound of my own voice, I swear...

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My pleasure to have read it all, and to listen. Sucks that you're done here, seemed like a cool dude and I liked MSL even with the faults it had.

~Have a good one Coal and I wish you well in life.

Now...go get some sleep.

The Internet Medal of Success is to be given to you for being a trooper and writing for as long as you did. We, the fans, do not deserve nearly as many medals as you do. Keep calm, and brony on.:pinkiehappy:

--RoamingHooves, Out!--

Nah, falling out of love with the fandom is OK. :twilightsmile:
Good enough reason for quitting. :pinkiesmile:
And that voice... Gosh it's been a while :rainbowkiss: Hope to talk to you again some day :ajsmug:

Definitely understandable, either way it was still good to hear your voice again, even if it is goodbye.

Everyone hates there own voice, it's normal.

Did you get my pm? If so what are your thoughts? (Other than "the fuck!?")

EDIT: Just listened to the message. I got all teary, I shit you not. As far as writing goes, I plan on re-reading this thing several times.

Lastly, thanks again. You made my world at least a better place to be.

You know that feeling when you just finish reading an awesome saga, and everything wraps up nicely? That feeling of fulfillment? Peace? That's what I'm feeling right now.

Don't take that the wrong way, I'm not happy to see you go, but I'm just glad that you decided to come back and take the time to explain in full why you've decided to make this decision. And thank you for doing it through a medium that lets you fully express your emotions rather than the lifeless text of your previous goodbye.

Maybe in the future you'll come back? I'll keep watching your profile, in case in maybe a month or so from now we could see a blog post from you telling us that you've rediscovered your love for ponies. One can only hope.

In any event it's definitely been an enjoyable ride. My Second Life if really one of the only fan fiction I've read that's made me actually care about the characters you made. I remember that during the Colton arc, I had actual, real, no joke shivers running down my spine. To me, that's quite the achievement.

And to top that off, MSL was the only creation to date that has inspired me to give something back. I really hope you enjoyed that little comic strip, because I really enjoyed making it for you.

Ha, now who's rambling?

I was never very good at strong conclusions, but to wrap this up I'll just say I'm going to miss you. And your story. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Vinyl_sad.png

Have a good one, mate. I hope we cross paths again.

Godspeed, Mr. Coal Buck!
Hope to see you around again someday!
Go with no regrets, good sir! :moustache::rainbowdetermined2:

Coal. Although I sit here listening to your voice telling me you fell out of love with the fandom I would just like to say thankyou for your story. It helped me out a lot a even made me write an epically long as story as well. I can only hope that may e sometime in the future you rejoin our ranks and continue on with MSL in a possible sequel. Feel free to message me anytime bro. We are all here for you anytime.


I haven't really commented much and I didn't read MSL until it was approaching it's end, but I want to say a few things.

First, you didn't sound like a douche bag in that post, a little whiny, maybe, but not a douche bag.
Second, things change, shit happens, that's life. It's understandable.
Third, thank you for the massive effort you've given to everyone who has read what you have written.
Fourth, thank you for actually coming out and saying why you're leaving/have left.
Fifth, it's all cool man, it's all chill. No one is mad at you for quitting, except douche bags. You've been courteous, respectful and coolheaded in your interactions with everyone, and that is admirable. More than that, you've been friendly.

Salud, paz, y equilibrio.
Hälsa, fred och balans.
Health, peace and balance.

That goodbye made me a little less angry (yeah, I was a lil' angry after the blog goodbye :twilightblush:) cuz' it really did sound heartfelt and sincere. Not to mention you actually explained why writing became boring for you! I just wish we weren't teased with Second Chance and the other stories you were planning to write, but oh well, that's life! :rainbowlaugh: If anyone deserves internet medals, its you. Like you said, five whole months of daily updates is amazing! Quite frankly, I'm surprised you didn't quit earlier!! With that said, I wish you the best of luck with life!

We will not forget you, Coal. It is a shame that you have fallen out of love with the fandom...but we will always be here if you come back. :heart::rainbowkiss::trixieshiftleft:

and I expected you to end with "This is Coal Buck...signing off." I would have laughed my flank off :rainbowlaugh:

Shit, I am always pretty bad in saying goodbye.
Y'know I always envied you for being able to just write, after you kinda told us how hard and painful it is for you to write, I felt sad; sympathetic. :pinkiesad2:
Now you found your light at the end of the tunnel, I'm sure this will lighten up your spirits :pinkiehappy:
Damn, I sound like a priest :facehoof:

Anyways, It's awesome to hear from you again! Even if it's just to say goodbye :ajsmug:
We'll never forget ya Coal aka Colson Buck! Have a blast on your next adventure!

Oh and yeah I can understand that you kinda started hating the fandom, we have/had a lot of crap going on.
(eg. Derpy - drama, rabid bronies, etc)

~BurningSandvich aka Max
ps. get on Skype more often <3


ahh, moving on is a part of life
sometimes it's a happy thing, sometimes sad, sometimes it can even be both
and as I said on your last post, we're glad you're looking for your happiness, even if it isn't here
so goodbye again Coal Buck, we've laughed, we've cried, it's been a hell of a ride
but even though we'll miss you, we're glad we got to to meet you
good luck

I only hope you do not leave the fandom entirely.

Words! :rainbowlaugh: I still remember that...

Anyway, it's a shame that we'll never see you write again. I really enjoyed MSL (minus the clop, of course). I think I can speak for everybody when I say that we all hope you come back some day.

Edit: Also, extremely ironic, but I've been listening to this for the last few days. The title explains it all.

Well Coal, it's been good. Hearing a reason is certainly a lot better than reading a reason for quitting a story. It's a sad day when a fandom loses a valued member like you. Maybe you'll come back and write again, but I wouldn't be expecting that in the slightest. But in the mean time, have a good life, take it easy, and enjoy it. Because it's gonna be a damn long one.:pinkiehappy:

I can not hold all these feels...
I'm not sure what specifically made you leave the fandom, so I guess I can't say much about that.
*sigh* I reluctantly admit that MSL became somewhat a highlight to my daily life. That's how much I enjoyed it. In my sad sad little life, a fanfiction was a highlight.
I hate rambling on, but the fandom will definately miss you and your story. I was lucky enough to talk with you, so I can say I'll miss you as a person. As an author, as well. I suppose there comes a time where we say goodbye. I guess... that time is now. I'll miss you Coal. Really.
-Best wishes,
Mister Fluttershy

Coal. I...
No. I'm not going to put my heart into a blender, just to pour it out right now... heh.. The point is, I feel bad for you. There's... Some creepy shite that deterred me before, and other things will do it again. Then I see how many normal, genuine people there are here and I just... I really love that. However, I can see where you're coming from, and most of us know that feel bro.
Anyway, in the recording, you sounded... emotional. Like this hurts you more than it hurts us. It might hurt us worse,because we know you're there somewhere, but you aren't with us. It's saddening, really. However, severing the stem tends to bring the least pain, so good luck in your future endeavors. I seriously wish you luck Coal Buck, and I hope you check in on us sometime. Even if silently.
I don't get it. I'm laughing. Oh well, I'm in a good mood! And... a bad one. See Coal, you could break every bone in my body, but you'd still be amazing! I'd be like, "OW! AH! I THINK YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING! CONFLICTING EMOTIONS!"

Whachoo know 'bout references?
Anywhoo, I think it's high time to wrap this up.

I fucking love your story, you came, saw, and conquered.
I fucking love your writing style, it's tacky, yet refined. (So you're not quite Hooters material.)
Lastly, I fucking love you. As a person, of course. You barreled through douchebaggery, asshattery, and all-around shitfacism like it ain't even nothin'. For that, I thank you. You're strong as hell, Coal Buck. I can barely stay committed to a 20-chapter story. You're incredible with your amount. You've amassed more fans than anyone I know personally. I say this because I know you. I would think so, at least. You aren't afraid to come out and say what's wrong, or tell us a little about your life. Honestly, that's why I feel like I'm losing a friend right now.

Go forth, Coal Buck. Go forth and do the shit I can't do! (Anything involving physical exercise)
You have it in you. Just look at this. You did this.(Crysis 2 reference inbound)

You called me GuyFace.
Remember me. *bang*

(Fuck, I poured my heart into a jelly jar again.)

Well Coal, it's been amazing! You've given us all something epic, long, and very enjoyable. We went through the good and bad, and it sounds like you went through more bad then we did. And you're better at writing then I am. Even at the beginning. And no. You freaking deserve a medal for writing 630,000 + however many the rewrite had words. I could never, ever dream of doing that. And within less then a year, no less. Indeed I am. And, my God, you're seriously one of the few people who have pronounced my name right. Dang it you, you're making me tear up. It really wasn't that hard, ya know. Just repetitive. Copy. Paste. Copy. Paste. Highlight chapter title in bold. Etcetera. And yeah, I think this one sounds a bit more sincere. Words indeed, mi amigo, words indeed. I don't think I've said enough, but oh well. I only hope to see ya again one day.

I'm gonna go cry in the corner now.

to send you off im going to write a quote from agent maine from red vs blue:heart:

*growl* *snarl* *growl*:pinkiecrazy:

- agent maine a.k.a the meta:coolphoto:

coal if you read this..... i can only say good winds for your journey and that me and all your fans and friends will welcome you back if you choose to return.... its hard to see you go..... but at lest take my blessings with you.....

Luna guide and protect us

and bring us to a new home

all hail Luna

Well I still love you my friend, even if you don't love the fandom that much anymore (I just hope you don't leave forever, the fandom would be at a loss without you). Hope to hear from you sometime in the future you amazing man!
Persevere, stay strong and don't forget the times we had, we will always be here...
Much love and Brohoof!


DUN QUIT PLZZZZZ :ajsleepy::applecry::fluttercry::fluttershbad::fluttershyouch::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair:

I do not believe in good bye, only see you soon. We will see you again, I feel this in the bottom of my heart.

This makes me feel a bit better:pinkiesad2:

th558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/princessaili/gif%20macros/th_tumblr_m61zbvHnWs1rn3thf.gif Well... this is your decision. And we can't do anything to influence it. (Whoever tries to or complains about this can go be idiots somewhere else) Well, you had a nice run man! We will miss you...

You, Sir have an awesome voice. Gonna miss ya' quite a bit but hey, what can ya' do.


It has been a Journey, Thank you and goodbye.

Goodbye = Better. Your voice = Actually pretty good. Well........anything that isn't a 6 year old on CoD is good but still, better than you give yourself credit for.

After a minute of pondering...

It's very understandable. Weak human being? I doubt that greatly. Your voice is fine.

Maybe one day I'll lose interest. The morals and openness of being a brony should never leave you, even if the title does. Have a good one, man. I enjoyed reading your fanfic, and I am sorry to see it go, but that's just me being selfish.

Thanks for everything, and I'm glad you have chosen to leave in peace.

I started crying with this. I love this fandom so much, but lately I have been really disappointed like you.
Thank you Coal, I'll remember you for a long time and I'll keep loving "My second life" even if is not that good, I'll never lose the fate that someday it'll be over.
Have a good day :twilightsmile:

if you want to give us closure then finish what you started!

After hearing your voice, it just makes me miss you even more now.

Aishiteru ze.

in this age of instant gratification, you gave us something that we internet aficionados rarely see; something that keeps out attention for more than a week! I still say hats off to you for all your time and effort, and wish you nothing but success and happiness in the future. you've more than earned your place in the hearts of all us weirdos that dared to embrace this whole whole ides of 'the magic of friendship,' and 'love and tolerate.' thank you once again, and as always;
Stay gold, Brony boy.

well Coal all i can say at this point is thank you for what you were able to give us while you were here.
Live life to the fullest coal.


oh dat sexy voice coal

*sigh* if only every brony could be half as kind of a person as you are Coal...

Coal, all I have to really truly say is thank you.
Thank you for the amazing story that you made, and the amazing time you dedicated to the story, and to us, the fans.
You made my favorite story ever, and I can only thank you ten thousand times for that, the countless hours I spent trying to catch up and read MSL, was just an enjoyable time, I love the story, and it saddens me to see you have lost your passion and love for writing, but one can only hope, that sometime in the future, you come back and write again.
Again I want to thank you for writing my favorite story ever, and thank you for a better goodbye, even though I'm sad to hear it.
Thanks Coal.

Coal, as you said in your recording: "See you later"...
Noo.., I am NOT crying, not at all...
oh for the love of god, don't leave.

Coal, buddy. You may say you were a terrible writer, but you did wonderfully, even in the beginning. It's not about how it's written... It's about the emotion and the passion you put into it. You've done the best with your story, honestly, you're story is my favorite. Literally, even higher than My Little Dashie. :heart:

Not only that, but you as a person, you are a wonderful friend. I mean that, you're family to all of us, no matter what interests you take or decide to stop being interested in. You'll always be our Coal Buck, bro. You enjoy your life, man. I mean it. You deserve all the feels and love that you get or will get in the future. :pinkiesmile:

We'll all miss you, man. I mean it. You're doing what your heart is telling you to do, and you have much bigger things in life at this point, we understand that. :twilightsmile:

-Much :heart: and Best Wishes
Your friend, Doug L.

we're going to miss you coal. And just so you know, you were NOT a bad writer! You'r story made me happy and sad at times just like the best of em.

Have a good life, and just remember that the bronie community will always be here for you if you need something.:pinkiesad2:

Man, it's makin' me all sad to hear your real goodbye. I will keep watching your page in hopes you'll get back to writing. Which you will probably never do. But a man can dream. You're a cool guy man, I would love to hear from you again. But for now, Take care man, hope to see you in the future.

Goodbye Coal. We will all miss you, and we will welcome you back with open arms if ever you decide to return. In the mean time, do what makes you happy. It almost makes me feel selfish, remembering sitting in my room day after day, waiting for you to deliver a new chapter, and I actually want to apologize. I, (and I think alot of others might feel this way as well) feel guilty for never offering to help with any of the work. Good luck with whatever life throws at you, and you will make me a very happy man if you ever choose to return to writing. Goodbye Coal, and Godspeed.

Shit, man. I am sorry to hear that. And I am even more sorry that I never finished the last 10 or so chapters of your story. But still, I loved it. I loved every word of it. Good luck with your life and all that stuff. We sure are gonna miss you.

You can fall out of love for the brony fandom, but you can never stop being a brony. We will always remember this. I will read MSL as soon as I can.

From the bottom of my soul-less heart i wanted to say that, hearing you go made me cry. Not the usual sad cry, more the understanding kind. Things come and go, that's life. But i personally wanted to thank you and wish you luck for the rest of your life. :raritycry:

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