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Princess Twilight Sparkle had just sent her star pupil off to the same village that marked her first steps into learning how powerful friendship can be by making new friends. A big decision that has started to make her question her own friendship among her friends. So when the Cutie Map suddenly signals her, her friends, and even the Young 6 for a new friendship mission, she takes it to herself that she makes the best out of the situation, especially when the location of the problem takes place at Silver Shores.

Meanwhile, Luster Dawn struggles to keep her studies up afloat as she is constantly distracted by her new friends. With these distractions, her dedication to ever completing the princesses's task grows lower and lower, as she tasks herself to find out what a mysterious text on the school's new history book meant.

As both Twilight Sparkle and Luster Dawn grow more tangled into their own problems, they both realize the answer to their question as a new threat to Equestria, a threat that will once again push the magic of friendship to its limits...

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