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Princess Twilight Sparkle had just sent her star pupil off to the same village that marked her first steps into learning how powerful friendship can be by making new friends. A big decision that has started to make her question her own friendship among her friends. So when the Cutie Map suddenly signals her, her friends, and even the Young 6 for a new friendship mission, she takes it to herself that she makes the best out of the situation, especially when the location of the problem takes place at Silver Shores.

Meanwhile, Luster Dawn struggles to keep her studies up afloat as she is constantly distracted by her new friends. With these distractions, her dedication to ever completing the princesses's task grows lower and lower, as she tasks herself to find out what a mysterious text on the school's new history book meant.

As both Twilight Sparkle and Luster Dawn grow more tangled into their own problems, they both realize the answer to their question as a new threat to Equestria, a threat that will once again push the magic of friendship to its limits...

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Bit of a slow burn on the intro, but quite well written so far. I'm curious where it leads.

First off, I’m loving it so far... but I do think you need to change the name to silver shoals. That’s what it’s actually called in the show. Plus, twilights actually been there once in the episode “point of no return”. Just thought I should make that clear. Other than that, I’m really enjoying it. Keep up the good work! 😉👍🏻

Ah, I was debating about the naming of that town. Simple mistake. Will fix to Shoals. ^^''

Although, I'm a bit confused with what you mean by the episode "The Point of No Return". I believe that she went to e v e r y Silver-ish place on the map in that episode, even being there in "P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)", but in that episode, it was under the name of what she named it as Seaward Shoals (which then the staff will rename it Silver Shoals via Twitter and Luna would mention that in "The Beginning of the End - Part 1" and again in "The Last Problem") (also explains why I mistakingly miswrote it). The reason why I choose to have Twilight forget that she did visit that town (at all or by the assumption of how the show works) was because (and I hate to use this because it makes no sense) it has been "many moons". That and this little "forgetful memory" problem will play its part in a bigger problem Twilight has made for herself in the coming last 2 chapters (perhaps more developed in Part 2 of this story and further explored in future stories). I don't know if I helped clear the mistake, but it's what I got from the show episodes and the fandom wiki, both sources I heavily use to write these stories. ;-;

(thx again for the kind words c: )

While all that observation was fine and well, her eyes couldn’t believe what else she was seeing. In the room stood a changeling, a yak, a hippogriff, a griffon, another dragon, and another pony. Each of them had a body part that was flashing with lights, with the dragon’s scales and the pony’s cutie mark again, while the hippogriff’s mane, the griffon’s feathers, the yak’s horns were flashing lights. There was no need for introductions as she instantly recognized the six in the room, they weren't the reason why she was surprised by the guests. Their body parts flashing lights was part of the reason why she gasped.

After rereading this I’ve realized that you didn’t say what part of Ocellus was glowing.

Oofers. Edited as "...and the changeling's neckfins..." now. Merci. ^^''

The penthouse seemed smaller from the outside. A large open space stood before them, the center of the room sinking deep underground a bit to make up a small living space. The oval-shaped middle “living room” had only four stylish armchairs, a circular large coffee table, and two tufted chaise lounge chairs, one for the left arm and one for the right arm. Out in the back was very similar to that of the glass wall of the main hallway, revealing a spectacular view of the Silver Shoals valley, as well as its shores from afar. The kitchen and the dinner table, very modern with its sleek design (again, marble), stood before the glass wall. The glass wall also included a glass roof from above, which kept going until reaching the marble roof of two rooms, one on the left and one on the right corner near the entrance. Both rooms were designed like a cone-shaped tent, expanding into touching the corner of the room up top, but they had different color designs, as the one on the left was mostly yellow and golden while the one on the right was blue and dark.

No t.v.?! This place sucks!

Dude, I just gotta say you're amazing! You're chapters are so well written and I just dont know how you do it! I only have like 3 college classes and don't even know how to find time to write! Your writing is fun and engaging, it's phenomenal! Keep up the awesome work!

Is this story gonna continue

Is this story dead? Because it’s starting to feel like it.

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