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I'm relatively new to the world of fanfiction, but I do have a real deep passion for both MLP:FIM and writing.


Doing a TMI/AMA type thing on the Green Lantern Fluttershy mod blog. · 12:00pm Feb 21st, 2014

HELLO Everyone!!!
I'm doing an AMA/TMI type thing on my Tumblr, where both me and my girlfriend are answering any question that comes our way. Come join us:

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To everyone waiting on fanfic chapters... · 9:33am Jan 23rd, 2014

Please please forgive me.

I've been dealing with some terrible writers block ever since I moved home for the summer. But I can slowly feel it starting to lift so with any luck, chapters are going to start coming soon enough.

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Green Lantern Vinyl Scratch and some explanation · 11:38am Aug 27th, 2013

A recent request I got on Green Lantern Fluttershy for me to draw a pony that wasn't Flutters as a Green Lantern.

So I suppose I should explain myself regarding the fact that I've not updated my stories in a while, and the explanation is that I... Am just no good at time management.

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Green Lantern Fluttershy- Something Special · 12:21am Aug 4th, 2013

Hey guys, I finally got around to doing my 400/500 follower post on tumblr and so I wanted to share it with you all.

There is an audio file that I encourage you to listen to because it is awesome. I'd love to hear what you all think.
Check it out!

As for my stories, I'm slowly writing the chapters as I also get back into regular study, so please bear with me.

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Uncharted: Applejack's Journey news · 12:09pm May 24th, 2013

Hello everyone,

So as you may have noticed, I haven't released Chapter 8 of U:AJ in a while. While that's simply because, unlike the rest of my stories, this one takes a lot more real-world research and I'm having a bit of difficulty with the geography.

But that being said. it is NOT on hiatus, nor is it cancelled.

I've got about half the chapter written, so it shouldn't be long, I just thought I would give you, the reader, a quick update.

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Equine Vampiris news · 11:53am Mar 29th, 2013

Hello Everypony,

As you mayor may not have seen, chapter 6 pushed the story over the edge and got it up onto the featured box.... for about half an hour. But its still an awesome accomplishment in my book.

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Help me out? · 8:59am Mar 16th, 2013

Hello everyone,

So I thought I would remind you all about my two tumblr blogs; Ask Green Lantern Fluttershy and Ask Rogue Shadow.

I'm trying to get to 50 followers on GL Fluttershy so I can release a sneak peek of an upcoming crossover I have with another blog.
So come on by, hit that follow button and spam some questions.

Green Lantern Fluttershy

Ask Rogue Shadow

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Always Connected- redone · 11:55pm Mar 1st, 2013

Hello everypony

So I went back the other day and did a full and comprehensive re-edit of my very first fanfic; Always Connected.

Originally, it was very rough, mainly because I wrote it in the space of three days around University work. But I hope that it is much better now.
The other thing I wanted to let people know about is my 'Always Connected-Verse'

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Ask Green Lantern Fluttershy · 1:35am Oct 17th, 2012

Hello everypony,
So my uni year just ended, meaning that I have about four months of nothing to do. So in between chapters of my stories or even the start of new ones, I'm going to be working on my brand new blog, 'Ask Green Lantern Fluttershy' so if you are a fan of The Green Lantern, fan of Fluttershy, or just looking for a new tumblr, well then come and ask me some questions.

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My tumblr blogs!!! · 6:41am Oct 11th, 2012

Hello everypony,
So just a quick reminder that I have two blogs on tumblr.
The first is my art blog where you can ask questions of my character Rogue Shadow. (I won't lie, he is my ponysona, be we actually share very few similarities.) I am still learning how to draw to some degree, but I would really love some questions to answer. I promise you won't be disappointed.

You can find Rogue shadow here: Ask Rogue Shadow

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