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I'm relatively new to the world of fanfiction, but I do have a real deep passion for both MLP:FIM and writing.


Quill Scratch arrived in Ponyville in a matter befitting the very stories he wrote; dragged to town bloody and broken by Twilight Sparkle. Three years later and with writer's block, he has been making do by getting whatever work he could. But when Twilight needs his help on an assignment, he finds the need to not only write, but to tell his own story.

A story of rage, pain and utter loneliness.

Chapters (4)

Star Shot, captain of the Luna Institutes first warp five starship; The Twilight, has been giving a very special mission by Princess Celestia. Find the lost Princess of the Moon.
With her crew beside her and all of the wonders the galaxy has to offer in front of her; Star Shot will make sure that her mission succeeds, regardless of the alien parties trying to stop her.

Chapters (6)

What thoughts writhe within the mind of the Lunar Princess? How is she coping with being back in Equestria after one thousand years?
Take a look inside the Diary of Princess Luna and see for yourself.

This is just going to be a series of short, around 500+ words snippits into her day and chapters will be uploaded in groups of three.
Cover art is courtesy of DERPYLOVER on deviantart.

Chapters (25)

After an experiment with the Elements of Harmony goes awry, Applejack awakens in a whole new world. With a whole new body. Now, with nothing to her name but her element of harmony, Applejack must find a way back to Equestria, with the help of a certain fortune hunter named Nathan Drake.

(A/N: Hi there, so this story marks a couple of milestones for me. Not only is it my first humanised fic, it is also my first proper crossover. If you find any mistakes or you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. And thank you.)

Chapters (8)

The war with the griffins has escalated to the point where Princess Celestia has gotten desperate. So desperate that she has asked Twilight Sparkle, Unicorn General of the pony forces and the Element of Harmony to complete a very specific mission; Assassinate Prince Alistair of the Griffin Empire. But Twilight takes it a step further...

This story is a spin-off from one of my previous stories, namely 'A New Harmony' You probably don't have to read the first one, but it might answer some questions.
Cover art done by EROCKERTORRES on devianart.

Chapters (17)

Twilight Sparkle is changing; she's not sure how, or why. All she does
know is that she has to reverse the change before she hurts somepony she
cares about. But she won't be alone, Spike will be by her side until the

Chapters (7)

Sequel to 'Always connected' that follows Rainbow Dash and Applejack as they enter the war that was started because of Gilda. They learn about all of the sacrifices that the other elements of harmony made, while at the same time coming to grips with new powers in order to fulfil an ancient prophecy that indicates that they are the ponies destined to end the war... or die trying.

Chapters (20)

Spin-off from 'A New Harmony' that focuses on Pinkie's life during the war and the terrible choices that she has to make to save herself, and her new friends. One question overshadow's her life throughout; What is the Pinkie sense?
Please note; The Alternate ending chapter takes place in an alternate timeline to the rest of the story.

Chapters (11)

Spin off to 'Always Connected' and explores the repercussions for the mane six in the wake of Gilda's attack. With two elements of harmony down, they must find replacements. A certain time travelling pony and his wall eyed assistant come to their aid as Equestria is plunged into war, and difficult decisions are made that will change them all forever.

Chapters (16)

What happens when a certain griffin returns to seek revenge on the pegasus that abandoned her, and what lengths will a pony go to in order to save the mare she loves.

Chapters (9)
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