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Element of Malice

One day my heart felt heavy so I set it down. Then I lost it, someone stole it because it was made of gold. Yours looks heavy, can I borrow a piece? I'll return it when I find mine.


I just want this to be preserve. A document of my most "fun" weeks. · 2:00am Jun 5th, 2023

On Monday, May 8th the entire week was a freaking joyride:pinkiecrazy:. It began when I took an unscheduled flying lesson and kissed the pavement winning me a free ambulance ride... (actually, a few hours before that a customer's car at my internship had a poorly torqued tire that fell off on the freeway and my coworker broke a wheel stud torquing a different costumers tire) and as a bonus prize, I received a fractured and dislocated shoulder and an additional fracture on my nose.

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Seeing this makes me happy. Hope it continues happening. · 4:28pm Feb 13th, 2022

7/8 months ago to date of posting.

1day ago to date of posting.

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My inkwell is running dry · 3:15pm Feb 22nd, 2021

I’m getting the sense that my time left on this site is limited before I cap my pen and this becomes a dead account. However, I also hate leaving things unfinished. With my two incomplete stories (and a couple unpublished/unwritten ones) I would like to pass them over to someone else if possible so they have the opportunity to become one with the fandom.

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