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One day my heart felt heavy so I set it down. Then I lost it, someone stole it because it was made of gold. Yours looks heavy, can I borrow a piece? I'll return it when I find mine.

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Seeing this makes me happy. Hope it continues happening. · 4:28pm Feb 13th, 2022

7/8 months ago to date of posting.

1day ago to date of posting.

When the pandemic first hit, it made sense to me that masks were important to keep others safe. But it makes more sense that it was only a temporary solution to slow a bigger growing problem at the time. Two (going onto three) years doesn’t sound very temporary. At a certain point, the mandates changed from ‘keep others safe’ to ‘do as you’re told.’

An example I have is, people are not allowed to work without getting a vaccine and wearing a mask. The only reason I got my booster shot is because I would get paid an extra 8 hours, not because it made me any safer than before. My dad, who gives Covid shots to people, works with someone who was sent to the ER because they have a bad reaction to the shot. It’s either get shot and wear a mask or get fired and lose your income that’s buying your daily necessities.

I stand as, according to the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau word’s, one of the world wide ‘Fringe Minority.’ I don’t disagree with usefulness of wearing a mask or the taking of the vaccine. I disagree with the choices being stolen from the citizens. Physical health is just as important as mental health especially for growing children.

I feeling this video deserves a cozy little place here.

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