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I have an intense dislike of drive-thru ANYTHING.

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Email: kartano@gmail.com
Discord: Saint Kartano#6699
Usual Discord Server: https://discord.gg/7JqKaC
Facebook: Simon.Mitchell.395
LinkedIn Profile (business only - no bullshit there please): https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-mitchell-76512352/
Ham radio callsign: KG5MAZ
KIK: sooty.grunter
Mobile: +1 (832) 907 7239 (yes, I don't care who knows it)
Location: Phoenix, Arizona. If you're in the area and wanna go out for a chat and a cup of covfefe? Give me a shout. I do not bite (and no - for those people who have insinuated it in the past, i am not trolling for SEX, okay????)
ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/W7W7LE6O

Blog Posts

  • 6 weeks
    Compassion exhaustion.

    The title is self-explanatory.

    I have reached that point.


    3 comments · 29 views
  • 15 weeks
    Bringing it all back home!

    I am going to have to bite the bullet and actually park my arse down tomorrow and do some writing.

    Read More

    2 comments · 57 views
  • 22 weeks
    Almost ready to return to writing.

    I have an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow. I have everything crossed that they can help me with my thus far treatment resistant depression, or perhaps find a closer diagnosis.

    To this end, I want to start writing again. I think I will need to wait until the kids are back in school for me to have the time to.

    But we shall see.

    2 comments · 18 views
  • 23 weeks
    Slowly recovering.

    Thanks to friends (Hudson I am looking at you!) and with therapy and such ongoing, I am slowly working up my appetite to write once more.

    My depression remains unpredictable. I am hoping that if I can bring myself back into the process of writing, that it will aid me in distracting myself from my negativity and anxiety, and help to give me some purpose. This is also why I wash to start working on my model making again.

    Read More

    12 comments · 54 views
  • 29 weeks
    Hiatus on story whilst recovering.

    I recently had a very severe nervous breakdown, and whilst I recover from that and my personal issues, I’ll leave my story on hiatus.

    Hopefully good to go in a month or two.

    I did start an online Discord server to work as my journal whilst healing. If you’re curious, it can be found here:

    My Discord journal.

    2 comments · 35 views

Compassion exhaustion. · 4:07am October 22nd

The title is self-explanatory.

I have reached that point.


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Thank you for having my along!

Assuredly my pleasure.

Thanks a lot for the follow!

Thanks for the watch! It's most appreciated! :pinkiehappy::heart:

Thanks for the watch! And I love your profile pic!

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