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My Little Update (lol) · 12:04am Jul 23rd, 2012

Howdy everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your summer, I want to let my viewers know that the next chapter in "The Red Rock Canyon" is moving a little slow

Allow me to explain...

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Chapter 5 of Applejack's adventure in Red Rock will be done soon!

Here is a little something while you guys wait
Check it out!

I will stick with the story to the very end and you're welcome

Howdy everypony!

Yes, I'm alive! sorry for my long disaparence, I have been busy finishing my film and that putted my work on the fic on hold, but I want to let all of you know "I AM going to finish this story" I haven't gave up.

Chapt 4 is underway for all of you who are interested in the story, the problem: is VERY long, mah gahd! so many things are happening and I must get it done :applejackconfused: I don't know when it will be done compleatly, but know that must of my heavy job on the movie is done, I can give some time to the Red Rock fic.

Thanx ya'll for listening and being patient :ajsmug:

I want to apologize for the spelling and grammar mistakes of "The Red Rock Canyon"; I should have mentioned before, my main language is not english, I'm very sorry and I definitely should proof read my stuff better.

I've taken notice of your comments and PM's, so before getting into chapter 3, I'll start working on fixing this problem first.

I want to thank does that have shown interest in the story so far, hope you guys stick to the story until the very end.


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