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Sequel Teaser/Prologue In Progress · 2:20am Dec 11th, 2018

Hey all! We're very close to the Sequel's release. However, there's going to be a VERY short three parter that'll come out next weekend (22 to 23 of this month so to speak) before the Sequel that I recommend checking out. Now, where can you find this? Much like Welcome To Canterlot High, the Sequel will also be accompanied by its own Short Stories that detail events that happened during the bigger adventure.

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Welcome To Canterlot High Sequel Update · 8:15pm Nov 15th, 2018

Hey Everyone. Just wanted to share an important update on the Welcome To Canterlot High Sequel. Firstly, It's still happening, and secondly, it'll be coming out real soon! Even though I'm currently trying to finish working on Agents of SMILE, I still plan on releasing the Sequel regardless if Agents of SMILE is complete or not.

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