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This story is a sequel to Thomas & Equestria Girls: Welcome to Canterlot High

A new threat has arrived on the Island of Sodor with intentions that put steam engines in extreme danger. This forces Thomas and his friends to seek the help of their friends from Canterlot High. Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, and the rest take on the task and travel to Sodor. Through their odd and challenging journey, they'll discover new things about Thomas' home, meet some new friends, and thwart an old foe's schemes before Sodor, Canterlot, and beyond fall under their spell.

Its a story that tackles the struggles of keeping up with and finding purpose in an ever changing society, how important our past can reshape the future, and finding the courage to take a stand and become a true leader.

[Cover Art by Jebens1]

Chapters (33)

This is where the story's Prologue can be found, along with a collection of short stories taking place during, after, and before (Maybe) the events of Thomas & Equestria Girls 2: Adventures From Sodor. See what some of the characters were up to behind the scenes of the story's the main events, with many hi jinks and such taking place.

Chapters (3)

Set during the events of Welcome To Canterlot High, Scottish Twins Donald & Douglas get caught up in a secret mission when Agents Lyra and Sweetie Drops travel to Sodor in search for a mysterious creature mistakenly brought to their world. Now appointed unofficial members of S.M.I.L.E., the four agents embark on a mission to return the creature back where it came from, as well as save their home from a menacing criminal with intentions to use said creature and many more to conquer Canterlot.

It's a story of putting your trust in others, loyalty, adventure, and high thrills in a world of secret agents, monster busting, and dimensional travel.

Chapters (6)

This is a collection of short stories taking place during, after, and before (Maybe) the events of Thomas & Equestria Girls: Welcome To Canterlot High. See what some of the characters were doing, who interacted with who, and what kind of crazy but knowledgeable experiences that happen behind the scenes of the main events going on during the story.

Chapters (11)

The Island of Sodor is in great danger once again. When magic from the railway disappears, it's up to Thomas and his Friends to locate where it's gone and restore peace to the Magic Railroad before chaos and confusion consumes the Island. This leads our hero to a world not at all like Sodor. It's a world filled with magic, new friends to meet, and a completely different appearance from that of his tank engine form! In order to return things back to normal before the magic is lost forever, they must search for the missing source in a place called Canterlot High!

It's a story of helping others, defining what makes an engine, person, or pony good based on their past actions, and using the power of friendship to accomplish anything beyond capabilities.

Chapters (44)
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