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Hello! I'm Crystalbreeze. A hungarian brony, who has got a breezie OC and who loves writing about the size difference, giant, or tiny ponies and humans.


Yesterday we were on a school trip · 2:24pm May 31st

I just experienced my first school trip with my high school class. We had a great time together, we laughed and saw interesting new things. You know I'm going to an informatical school, where we can study ICT and all about softwares and computers and programs, so yesterday we went to one of Hungary's best cities, Nyíregyháza, by bus. There, we walked to an ICT company where we tried out VR, programmed and 3d printed and the best of all, we saw robots. I especially talked to one of them. There

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16th birthday! · 8:19pm January 5th

Today was the celebration of my 16th birthday. It's on the 7th of January, but the party was today. I got so much cool things: some chocolate and a printer. Three of my friends were here with me, so there's no way I could be bored! I'm so happy! We tested out the printer and it's REALLY COOL!

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Shrink, or grow? · 12:38pm Dec 16th, 2018

Well, this might be a copied blog, because the giant pony fanfic writer called Bendy is posting blogs like this too, but let me ask you some questions, my dear follower: What do you prefer? A shrinking pony, or a growing pony? Which is cuter? Which one would you like to be your friend? Would you like a little pocket horse, or a massive building sized one? Shrink, or grow? You choose!

You know I'm curious about your own opinions. Please write in the comment section below! :twilightsmile:

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Santa Vs Jesus · 6:52am Dec 6th, 2018

Did you know we hungarians celebrate Santa on the 6th of December? He doesn't brings us presents, instead of that, we get so much sweets. And what, or who do we celebrate on Christmas? That person is Jesus Christ. He is the one, who brings us presents. This is interesting because it's not like the christmas in the USA, or in England. I thought I would tell you. :pinkiesmile:

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Autumn Break! · 12:13pm Oct 26th, 2018

Now I can't believe I reached this little time, when I can relax and not think about high school! Finally I've just get home from the last school day before the autumn break. Now I'll have time for everithing. :pinkiehappy:

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Kirins are cute · 4:36am Oct 15th, 2018

I think you already understand what is happening. A new species appeared in Equestria...and wow. These kind of creatures are SOOOOO ADORABLE! They're fluffy and kind and peaceful. Also some of the new bronies and pegasisters have Kirin OC's. The hype is very big.

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Thank you DeviantArt! · 6:29pm Sep 23rd, 2018

You may not know, because I didn't told you, but some of the images, which I used in my stories were from DeviantArt. On that site there are so much beautiful artworks and comic masterpieces and I couldn't hesitate. For some of my fanfictions I searched for some inspirating MLP pictures and arts on the site and I found some. I saved them and used them as a simple cover image. For those stories which I wasn't able to find a picture, I made one to them on my computer, or drew one. But the best

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New story · 6:52pm Sep 14th, 2018

I've just fiished my new story. It will be available soon! :)

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The first day at high school was pretty cool! · 3:50pm Sep 3rd, 2018

My friends were nice, friendly and funny. We didn't study, just spoke to each other and had a great time. I'm so lucky to be in the most famous high school in the town! I look forward to learn about programming on a computer with the other 34 kids in the class called 9. i. (informatics)

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My new group: Simulation stories / Matrix / Ready Player One / Sword Art Online · 2:17pm Aug 25th, 2018

Yesterday I created a brand new group that is about stories about virtual reality, games, matrix or a simulated environment. At this moment there are 28 fanfictions in it's folder and the number of the followerd is 3. If you like these kid of stories, then visit and join this group and read some of the stories in it!

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