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This is a simple group about the upcoming next generation of My Little Pony. The HASBRO will soon finish the FiM series and make the prequel movie and the 1st season of G5 in 2020. If you didn't see the news about it and you don't know what will be in it, then please visit some websites and galleries where you can check the informations and leaks.

So yeah, I don't expect anybody to write stories here this time, when we just got leaks and pictures. Now a simple folder is unnecessary to make, I think. But if in the future the pony authors will start writing stories about next gen on Fimfiction, then this group will get a folder.

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I'll be okay with G5. As long as they have writers who respect how far the show's come and designers who put as effort into it as possible, I reckon it'll carry a similar weight.

We can't just cling onto the old, that just leaves the franchise to stagnate and will kill outside interest in it and no-one wants that.

I admit, I'm rather late in the game joining the fandom but it's what the fans have made that got me into MLP and I hope G5 gets its fair share of fandom attention either from both former fans and newcomers.

Jest after I posted the video, I saw the PM

I already sent you a private message, but I'll try again.

So... am I starting or you

Do you mean private message?

Oh, yes, co-ruled by the princess !

p.s. Which princess would you vote for ?

The two sisters bless America! May the elements of harmony be with you!

Any idea who will be that?


so that year we'll have a new pony generation , and a new U.S, president

I think it's going to be a flop, having similar/ "you get wings, you get a horn, Twi you need to simmer down" Is not a new generation, it's an AU unless Discord has something to do with it.

Anyway, the point stands to these questions. why, what, and how?
... I'm hoping that session 8,9 will lead up to G5

And turning Applejack into "Someone from the wrong side of the tracks" voiced by Estelle. Whose idea was this? Whose idea was it to turn Applejack into Carjack?

Yeah, I surprised too, when I noticed the news about G5.

I still can't believe they took Twilight's dang horn away from her.

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