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2436000 No problem. If theirs one thing i've learned on this site, it's that everyone can be shipped with everyone. Some are just easier than others.

2435724 Yeah, I think they were a good idea, as a dark mirror of the mane six, but with Cinch and Sci-Twi given much more screentime as the villains of the movie, the Shadowbolts just didn't get enough exposure to make that much of an impression. The writers said they considered the EG versions of Lightning Dust or Spitfire for Indigo Zap, but ultimately neither fit, so they created the new character. I'm glad they didn't decide on Spitfire, but I think Lightning Dust would have been an interesting one, and perhaps made the character more memorable.

Thank you very much :twilightsmile: The subject change is one of those things I didn't notice at all when writing, and then became obvious as soon as people started commenting on it, so all I can really do now is warn people that it's coming. I hadn't thought before about it being longer as a potential solution, as I'd come from the opposite direction, having intended for it to be around a couple of thousand words, which I think would have made the subject change more of a brief tangent than a huge diversion. But you're right, that would be a good way to meld the two together more organically.

I have to say I'm not sure about seriously shipping Rainbow and Adagio; I think they're wonderful as rivals, but I couldn't really see them being attracted to anything about each other. There's one author on here, VitalSpark, who's written a few ADashio stories, and I must say I don't find their shipping interactions believable. That said, I never would have believed FlutterDagio until I read Sucker for a Cute Face, so maybe I just haven't read the right ADashio story yet :twilightoops:

Thank you very kindly for reading it and for your thoughts on it :pinkiehappy:

2435238 Your right about the shadowbolts needing more screentime. I also read the Rainbow Dash story you wrote. It was well witten, but yeah, that subject change...:applejackunsure: You're an excellent writter and you have some amazing ideas (i would love to see more Rainbow and Adagio), you even did a good job of keeping everyone in charector, but the story was to short for what it offered. I could easily have seen that being a 100,000 word ship fic between Rainbow and Adagio that introduced the Shadowbolts being special needs slow enough that it fit the overarching premis (great idea by the way). Maybe Raindow realizes after rubbing a victory in their faces and then realizes that maybe winning isn't everything. Still, this was a good story and a nice break from the 600,000 word books i normally look for on this site.

2434940 Yep! In truth I wasn't keen on Friendship Games, so I'm afraid that annoyance was only a minor one on my list, but... yeah, not exactly sound planning.

I think the Shadowbolts had the potential to be good characters, though, if they'd had more screentime.

2434855 Thanks, i'll check it out once i finish the story i'm on. I do like the eqg, but i hated Principal Cinch for one reason. "Hu, that thing was open for a second and summoned a giant killer plant. Lets release ALL the magic! Theirs no way that could go wrong." That problem was mostly the writers fault though, so i look forward to seeing what you do with her.

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