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Making my stories a series. WOOHOO · 2:15am May 12th, 2012

I've decided to start planning out a series, which my two current stories (Cadence for a Shy Alicorn and Octaves of Time) are involved. It's going to be called the Re-Written Equestria Saga, unless someone suggests a pure genius name. I'm going to basically use the Alternate Universe Ending from Octaves of Time, and then re-write a certain important part of Equestrian history, to signify deep change. All these changes will pop up in other stories, and eventually lead to one final story.

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There is no alicorn flutter shy stories, please continue cadence for a shy alicorn :applecry: pweeeease :ajsleepy: :applecry: :fluttercry: :raritycry: :raritydespair: I'll be a good girl just please make more!!!!!!!! :fluttershbad:


Seeing the "Scratched Universe" inspired me to read Octaves of Time with nothing but Homestuck music. :pinkiehappy:

I will say that Doctor goes exceedingly well with the ending! :heart:

Though I probably should have chosen Savior Of The Waking World. Maybe I'll save that for the next story! :rainbowkiss:


The Rising.
'Nuff sed :raritywink:

Yeah, I'm waiting for more as well. You there? Hello? :pinkiesad2:

Ive been reading Cadence for a Shy alicorn adn im shocked that the fact its been put on hitaus you make me sad please if you can finish it... :applecry:

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