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An environmental scientist, Hellenic Polytheist, Tarot reader and a hardcore Brony all rolled into one.

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Fifteen years have passed since the hero Twilight Sparkle and her friends used the Elements of Harmony to free Princess Luna from her alter ego, Nightmare Moon. However, the harmonious country of that era is quickly becoming nothing more than a memory. An oppressive regime has dominated Equestria for the past decade, led by the almost omnipotent Solar Empress, Celestia.

Hunter is a pegasus pony recently advanced into the ranks of the Wonderbolts. A seemingly unremarkable recruit in the Equestrian Air Force, he showed his incredible talents and bravery when he saved four of his fellow recruits during a training exercise gone wrong. After witnessing his abilities, Spitfire, the leader of the Wonderbolts, requested he join their ranks. Spitfire's requests are rarely refused.

However, as Hunter is drawn deeper into the world of the Solar Empire's elite task force, his idyllic view of modern Equestria is called into question, and he begins to understand the true price of Celestia's 'utopia'.

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