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Dawn Rush


Eye yam writing · 12:29am Nov 19th, 2012

Yes I am. About 10000 words in, which took me a few weeks... I write slowly, and between school, lessons and gaming I don't get much time. I have to write in a dark room, usually on my phone (which is hell to edit afterward), and I only get the time maybe twice a week and that's only 2000 words.

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223430 Oh sheeiiit didn't even see that post... I don't login often ._.

Heya there man, Piedol sent me here to check you out (in a totally non-sexual way... for now), so here I am!


...How about that new ep?:trollestia:

I liked ponies before they were equines.
*puts on hipster glasses*

yo dawg i hear you like cheese :derpyderp1:

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