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05. Anyone still out there? · 7:27pm Jul 16th, 2015

What's up guys? Been a while, hasn't it. Not even sure if I'm reaching anyone with this, but I'm alive and well. Maybe not too well right now, but I'm definitely alive, so that's great. I'm not even sure my followers recognize me outside of a vague memory, but I'm that guy who wrote Croitre, Taken in Stride and Make it Two. Very old stories from me from a very long time ago, and if you liked those, you're really going to like what I've got soon :p

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04. Hey again! · 8:49am Nov 11th, 2013

So, after my undeclared hiatus, I'm back and primed to start writing FIMFics again. Truth is, I've been busy with school, work, and to be completely honest - gaming. Yeah, gaming. Though, you'll be delighted to hear (probably not) that I've picked up a few composition classes along the way since I halted writing and stopped at the current chapter of Croitre; I reread the story and I'm actually surprised I wrote that. It's rather cringe-worthy if I can be blunt. It's not unlike seeing your old

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02. Apologies · 2:16am Apr 20th, 2012

Hey guys, sorry I haven't released Chapter 3 of Croitre yet, I've been busy with the many flights to New York and back to California, and jumping back into a hard week of homework in school immediately after. I should have Chapter 3 up by tomorrow, if not Saturday. Sorry for the wait guys. Hope you understand.

- Recon

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01. Introductions · 5:02am Apr 15th, 2012

Hello everypony, my name is Recon. I'm a high school student who lives an uninteresting life - I spend my free time writing/reading/watching/loving ponies.. This kinda feels like a job interview, so I'll just list off some of my favorites... When it comes to music, I listen to various genres of rock, some classical, dubstep, and anime opening/ending themes. I also love collecting headphones, and am very proud of my current collection. Right now, I'm running an Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10

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