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Hello, My name is Noah Clark and I am a Fan Fiction writer and currently writing a trio of Fan Fiction crossovers for you all. I hope you will like them.

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Wow, nice to see all the new followers, thank you everyone. tonight Ill be working on the Prologue chapters, there will be two, one for the humans and one for the ponies.

I love making stories, but I love making fimfic covers even more, and I just wanted to take my hand at a Fallout Equestria cover which in my mind is the best fimfic crossover this fandom may ever see (I'm a wastelander so that also makes my opinion of the crossover much greater) tell me what you beautiful people think, NOTE: The art in the cover is not mine, this was simply just a fun little project I did, use this cover for your own use at you own risk.lh6.googleusercontent.com/-tBrXgyIeWwA/VggViZ0PucI/AAAAAAAAH1g/kJmN1nvunhc/w353-h533-no/Plain-Black-Wallpaper.jpg

The Ponies Meet World series is going to be official, it will be a three part series consisting of 25 chapters for each book, These books will take a while. I strive to make the best work I can possibly make, and in doing so these books may take a long time, even if I submit 25 chapters for the book, I will be contentiously editing them till I find that they are fully done, I strive for the best work so each of you who read this story feel awe and wonderment, happiness and sorrow. Ponies Meet World Part 1: Contact is the first of 3 in a the Trio of PMW I hope you all enjoy it when I am donelh4.googleusercontent.com/-O1-Orvt5r5s/Vfr7R5ZGQNI/AAAAAAAAHyw/tVxXABMHKrc/w410-h577-no/12006777_1628599837415241_996282484_o.jpg

Hello for anyone who reads hear, today is a knew day and I have a new story for you all, What would happen if Humans and Ponies met, what would come of it, Yes you may have heard this story before, but I look to give a Different story, not only that, I want to make it a series, the story is in extremely early stages, but I think in the end it will be well worth it

For anyone who has any ideas please comment down below

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