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Angelic Salamander

I joined to help someone write a story, but ended up writing my own. Funny how things work out, right? If you're here, it must have been good.

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Octavia, a cellist more interested in high society and class than friendship, and Vinyl Scratch, a socially handicapped pony with anxiety issues, must have seriously pissed some gods off in their past lives. They exist to have lives of bipolarity, living through a constant series of ups and downs. They keep each other going. That is, until the forces that be take it a little too far. Would either of them ever be able to cope without the other? They say having loved and lost is better than never having loved at all, but is that really true?

Narrated omnisciently, but with a focus on Vinyl Scratch, as she is who the story is technically about. Both characters have equal screen time, I'd say.

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