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Thanks for the follow!!! May I ask why? Plius, what is that in your comment section?

“Status report, Anthony!” shouted Merilda, sweat and fatigue was written all over her face. She, half-ran, half-flew across the dense tropical forest grounds, swerving in and out between trees as they came towards her like the speed of bullets fired from an arsenic machine gun. Her body was as light as a feather even though the armour and weaponry she was wearing and carrying looked like it weighed a few tons, thanks to the reforged Gem of Luzandria, given to her by her late father, Lord Zargan. Malinda was losing energy, no, mana to be precise, in each step she took. She had to devise a quick and strategic PLAN to outrun her pursuers.

Luckily, she was not alone. Her faithful brothers, Frizwell and Anthony were a few steps behind her. “Approximately thirty miles from the portal! We have a 90 percent CHANCE of reaching it on time, should be a breeze.” cried Anthony in a shrill, yet quivering tone, due to the perspiration and excitement he is feeling. He wasn’t even barely panting, his breathing was slow and rhythmic, unlike his sister, who was apparently breathing like a fish out of water. Frizwell, on the other hand too, had good stamina but his forehead creased into a frown as he worry about his sister. “Hey sis, you alright?” asked Frizwell anxiously. “I’m good.” came the succinct reply as though she knew the question was coming. She grinned. Marilda knew her brothers well, especially Frizwell the worried well, who was always anxious or troubled about his sibling’s physical and mental health.

Marilda cast a thoughtful look at the skies above. Dammit. The sun was already STARTING to set, its rays slowly turned into a rich golden brown as the sun started to sink behind the mountain tops, so was the hope in Marilda’s heart. However, the bond between the siblings that held them together, protecting and caring about each other, pushed her on the perilous endeavour.

Something whizzed past Marilda and engraved itself into the trunk of a nearby oak tree, merely missing Marilda by inches as it cut a few strands of her wavy and silky, chestnut-coloured hair in its path. It turned out to be a Zecoriac Petrifying arrow that contains interneuron petrifying liquid. It severity upon hit was as lethal as Medusa’s curse. A drop of that black, foul-smelling liquid could literally freeze your muscle system in milliseconds but do not portray any life threatening results. Your eyes will still be moving in their sockets until someone puts you out of your misery, that is obviously, by killing you. Yet, the WORST CASE SCENARIO was getting hit, petrified and no one was out there to end your misery.

Marilda shivered at the very thought of it. Instinctively, she, the fast thinker, quickly groped for her bow and drew out a SILVER arrow, sharp enough to pierce through titanium. Increasing her running speed to gain momentum, she jumped up and swerved backwards in mid-air, aimed and fired the shining arrow at the pursuer. A blood-curdling howl echoed through the dimming-thick forest as the arrow hit the pursuer’s squarely in the neck, decapitating its goblin-like head. The severed body of the creature tumbled a distance down the steep forest ground before diffusing into thin air, accompanied by a sizzling sound like pure water hitting the hot surface of a boiling kettle. Anthony smirked as he caught up with his sister. “As accurate as usual, Maril.” he exclaimed with a tinge of amusement and respect. “By the way, help is at hand. We will be reaching the portal in twenty minutes.” he added reassuringly. Hope blossomed in Marilda’s heart. Finally, after three long hours of running. resting……then running again, the time has come to sow their rewards and to rest for the day.

The stairway tower to the portal was coming into view. The majestically, tall tower made from glistening stone loomed over the dark and gloomy forest, standing out like a diamond in the midst of stones. “What are those….’things’ that are pursuing us ? I am very sure they aren’t ponies at all.” asked Frizwell curiously as the trio slowed down to a trot, rest and hid momentarily behind a withering bush. “Hmmm…….don’t ask me, I was going to ask the same question too.” shrugged Malinda and glanced at Anthony, who was a bookworm as well as a fan of history. Anthony grinned , EXCHANGEDsarcastic looks with Malinda and cleared his throat to show a sense of knowing. “If you ask me, those may be Ghowllins, a hybrid version of the fable-known goblins. This is the creature that is produced when the Southern vampires of Hamping Hills bit a goblin due to extreme hunger and found that its blood was…..somewhat delicious, so they ended up hunting goblins and thus performed blood-exchanging rituals with them. This is when……..” Anthony’s history ‘lesson’ was cut off as two Zecoriac arrows whistled past the trio. “So soon? It looks like those creatures have also inherited the speed of the vampires too. Time to move, everypony!” urged Malinda as she stood up and brushed some soil off her hands. “Hey Frizwell, mind to give us a lift?”

“Sure. I have rested well. It seems my energy is at its peak too”. With this, Frizzwell muttered something inaudible and white balls of flames formed and encircled Fizwell.The white flames turned to red angry flames and flew around Fritwell. Faster and faster they went. Fritwell knelt to his knees and groaned in agony as his mascular body STARTED to tremble and shudder uncontrollably. Two objects started protruding from his sweat-riddened back, followed by the revolting sound of tearing flesh. From the two wounds emerged two white, angelic and fluffy wings that spread themselves and almost as fast as they came, the wounds on Frizwell’s back healed miraculously without leaving a scar.

Anthony gapped at the beautiful and fluffy wings, his eyes glinted with awe and curiosity. In the blink of an eye, he was rubbing and soothing the wings to feel its texture. “ Oh my gosh, brother, when did you learn this spell? Your wings could serve as my new BED.” joked Anthony with a cheeky wink. “Not in your wildest dreams, brother.” replied Frizwell, who was beaming from ear to ear. “Now get a grip everyone, we are taking off.” as he bend his knees and soared up into the topaz sky, leaving the pursuers behind who were waving their weapons angrily as the trio flew into the sunset sky toward the portal where their HOME awaits them on the other side.


I woke up with beads of sweat dripping down my forehead, the night was humid. It was five in the morning, much too early for me. Rubbing my eyes to chase away the cobwebs of fatigue, I sat up on my bed to ponder over the peculiar yet exciting dream of mine. Moreover, it also brought a sense of familiarity.

Who were those ponies? Why we’re they armed to the teeth? Was A war coming? Everything was a jumble.

Then, I heard something that nearly MADE my heart stop.

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