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1916436 Actually, your very first thumbs up on that comment was from me. Your comment was acknowledged and responded to over four weeks ago.

Please understand: your comments not only show up on the page for the chapter that you are commenting on, but also on the front page of the story where comments are sorted by most recent posts. As a result, your comment was seen and responded to there rather than on Chapter 7 itself. You have been working yourself up over a slight that didn't happen. I have moved the original comment to Chapter 7 so that it is easier for you to find now.

I suppose thats fair. It is hyped up very much.

i've built up a backlist of stories i need to read

Hahaha It only goes downhill from here, but yeah if there is one story I recommend above all others, its Salvation.

1916463 it's hard for me to ease up on FO:E considering how much i was hyped to it, but i'll try to resume it soon.
Growing Pains looks awfully long for a cancelled series, i might have to pass if the story just sort of ends without a climax.
i will take Salvation and Blood Is Thicker Than Friendship into consideration though, i've built up a backlist of stories i need to read, and i haven't really been dedicating that much time to reading, so we'll see when i get around to them.

Fallout: Equestria is certainly one of the best I've read, It would be a shame for you to not finish it. If I remember correctly It explains why Calamity was there in the next chapter. I cant remember though I read that fic before It was even uploaded here... I should read it again. If not you have to remember this is fan fiction, everything should be taken with a grain of salt.

Death Note: Equestria by Nonagon Is another one of my favorite fics, (Its been on a long hiatus but I doubt he's going to let it die.) Undoubtedly one of the best cross over fics for mlp, if not tied for first with Fallout: Equestria.

Growing Pains had the potential to be one of the best fics, but it was cancelled after a very long hiatus. If you don't mind unfinished fics defiantly give it a read, some of the best writing right there, even if it will never be finished. (Also its TwiDash so get keen for that.)

And The best fic I've read on this site so far Is a RariDash (OTP) called Salvation by Cold In Gardez.
This fic is god tier, not much more to be said about it.

A few honorable mentions are Blood Is Thicker Than Friendship by stonershy. Shits cash, yo.

A Puppet to Her Fame.

Twilights Dollhouse.

There are certainly other great fics on the site but I wont mention all the ones that come to mind. (I must have read over 500 fics over the years.(Not even joking))
And keep in mind that I don't read one-shots. So that is un-trampled snow for me, you're bound to find some gems in that genre.

I know you're a perfectionist but please remember that these are non-canon fictional stories written about a show catered toward little girls to sell toys, they cant all be perfect, and to not finish a story because of one minor, irrelevant detail seems... oxymoronic almost. And I'm not just saying that because I know there will be errors with continuity of my fic (I will avoid them if I can) but your missing out on so much with Fallout:EQ, that story is one of the few that can can evoke true human emotion. It really is worth the read.

Another thing I should mention is that authors generally don't like it when you nitpick, I don't really mind because I don't have a pre-reader and I know you only trying to help. But alot of people see it as rude, (they shouldn't but they do.) Spelling and grammatical corrections are generally pretty well received though. Anyway man try not to take the stories here too seriously, It is my little pony fanfiction after all.

1916425 well, i want to say Kkat's Fallout: Equestria was a favorite, but i'm debating removing it from my favorite because i thought they never log in, well i learned how to track people's login (it's rather simple and designed into the site), and that person has been logging in, and they must have noticed my wall of text in chapter 7 and they ignored it! to my surprise, i got 2 thumbs up actually, i expected to get shit on because "oh that person is pointing out obvious flaws in this story even though i think it's perfect i should go shit on them", is what i expect when i make a critique, but i guess at least a couple people read my insanely long comment trying to desperately suggest a correction to that chapter so it makes more cohesive sense in the middle paragraphs

but no, Kkat has not acknowledged me nor my comment and has not has fixed ch. 7 to make sense, i refuse to read any further due to this, because if i run into more plot holes like that, i will denounce Kkat as a writer, i will denounce Fallout: Equestria, and i'm afraid to do that. so, i am eagerly awaiting the flash animation by Stable-Tec, they plan to adapt the fiction, and hopefully they will make chapter 7 work, because it will be a video, and that scene if animated exactly the way the chapter is worded will make people go "what.. the.. fuck!?"... ugh... i'm ranting again.

i digress, please tell me your favorite fics, lol.

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