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I read. I read a lot. I also watch a cartoon about talking ponies. (I'm not usually so serious XD) On another note, I love, and am proud, to be crazy!


Other Pieces of Writing By Me! · 1:51am Jan 4th, 2016

So, as well as my writing here, I enjoy writing about other things than ponies (as amazing as they are). I think some (most) of my other pieces of writing are better than the stuff I write here, not that anything I write on here is bad! :ajsmug: But, seriously, I, personally, think that my other work is a tad better. If anyone wants to read any of it (Though I kinda doubt that :fluttershysad: ) here is a link to my page! https://www.wattpad.com/user/Emerald147 <---- Right there! Thanks guys!

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I Have a New Avatar!! · 7:34pm Dec 1st, 2015

So, I finally updated my avatar!:pinkiegasp: The new picture is my OC called Emerald Ring, it was drawn by me and coloured by LunaSquee (Thank you LunaSquee!!). On other news, I have finished and posted my story for NaPoWriMo, it is called The Alicorns Made of Magic and yes it does involve alicorn OCs, but they have a reason for existing (they are the balance between good and evil forces), so don't hate on my story because of the new alicorns

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The new story · 11:17pm Jul 24th, 2015

(I called this blog post 'The new story' because the name will be changed from Brothers and Sisters to something else.). Brothers and Sisters chapter one is in progress but will definitely take a long time. I am hoping to make each chapter over 1000 words, but am not making any promises because if it needs to end it will end. I sometimes feel as though some writers cram a whole load of stuff into their chapters to make them longer and, while it can work sometimes, the stories end up over

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Crash landing update · 1:16am Jun 1st, 2015

This is just to say that it might be a while before the next chapter comes out because school is starting again, also i won't be writing anything new until crash landing is done :pinkiehappy:

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