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I write Doctor Whooves stuff, and other stuff if I ever feel like it.

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Hello, I'm Llama, I like Doctor Who, anime, Persona... Anime... That's about all of it, really.

Anyways, I mainly do crossovers between MLP and some other thing I like, in the formula of taking elements from said other thing and adding it all to MLP, not really a fan of the "All the characters get together for some reason" crossover fic style.

I'm a bit of a musician, but I'm not yet good enough to make my own stuff, I just play what I know and what I know is rock 'n roll, sonny. I'm also a visual artist, I.E.: I draw a lot, though, as of writing this version of my bio, not digitally, because every art program I try to use ends up being a big butt.

Cringy remarks and possibly unpopular opinions aside, I would consider myself a mediocre to decent writer in the field of crossovers, but that's just me speaking for myself and exactly nobody else.

I hope you enjoy the stories I have to offer, and, if not, maybe there's someone else on this site who can do a better job at whatever you wanna read.


I don't know what to call this blog! :D · 12:19am January 6th

I also don't know why I make any blogs at all, since nobody reads them.

Anyways, for the singular person who does read my blogs, hello, and I'll cut to it: I'm not putting another story on an indefinite hold, despite my self-deprecating comments in the author's notes, I do somewhat enjoy working on Blossom's Bizarre Adventure, and if I do decide to cancel it, I'll make some sort of larger progress beforehand.

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