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There's not a lot that can be more disruptive to your life then suddenly being shoved into the body of a tiny colorful equine. Finally about to make something of yourself and Wham, along came pony. From advanced underground labs to lost magical artifacts, walk a mile in his hooves as Zēnith copes with what's been taken, learns to use what's been given, and tries to unravel the circumstances of his abrupt metamorphosis.

There, finally a summary I like the sound of! Even if it is a bit further forward then I have written...

Second person perspective for psych reasons, which means if you get confused, no you didn't skip anything, but remember you're reading from the point of view of the character, so everything is subject to his perceptions of reality.

Being written for the transformation thread on /mlp/, since they've been very nice and supportive. Hi guys!
Thank's to my fantastic editor Globebutt, without whom my story would be riddled with comma splices and tense slips galore!
Cover art by a super-awesome guy by the name of magikarp over in the draw thread. Thanks bro! (And don't worry, the story ain't as sad as little Zeni there makes it look!)

Rated Teen for Language.

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