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Greetings fellow reader,

this is my first fanfiction for My little Pony and it is my first fiction since, well, some years.

First Chapter - Dinky is on a school class trip, without her mother. Terribly missing her, Dinky wonders what she could do to know what her mum might be doing. The idea of a shared vision comes to Dinky's mind, to see like Derpy sees.

Second Chapter – Dinky sees more than she had expected. And ends up in a tense situation with a stallion she haven't seen before. Could he be suiting for her mum, or a good father?
(Rated T for Teen)

Third Chapter - Be suprised.

Also I want to give many thanks to my prereaders: Trival, scotty7 and Zwiesel.

PS: Looking for artists who would contribute a picture to this story.


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