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You've got opportunities in this community... · 6:42pm Jun 18th, 2012

And you just have to grab them!

My first story is finally concluded, the third chapter "Combined" is up now.
Meanwhile the previous chapters have been updated, mostly typo and grammar issues, but also rearrangement of scenes. So please take a look at them again for maximus satitfaction.

And I want to thank some people specially for that.
My pre-readers Trivial, scotty7, zwiesel and the anonymus ones.

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Matters of Time · 5:58pm Apr 26th, 2012


finally I've got the next Chapter for "I Spy With My Little Eye" up!

Edited the Story description already, but here another quick overview:

A mysteriously short story prediction - Dinky sees more than she had expected. And ends up in a tense situation with a stallion she havn't seen before. Could he be a suiting for her mum, or a good father?

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Quick Start · 6:13pm Mar 29th, 2012

Hi fellow readers!

Just wanted to thank you all for the kind words and fair critiques. I'm fully motivated to release more now!

Chapter 2 - "Twisted" for "I Spy With My Little Eye" on its way, but time is rare so, release hopfully in 2 weeks.
There will be a 3rd (concluding) Chapter for that story!

Need more Pre-Readers, seriously!
I would pay some bit for commisioned Art for my Fiction! (better contact me on DeviantArt)

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