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Anon Brony

If my identity is hidden, I will be free to roam the shadows, undetected. Well...not undetected, because I might be seen. But, you won't recognize me. So...that's something.

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I stop with my hoof just touching the door...
"Huh? Y-you'd do that for me? But why?"
I sat my rump down and started to ramble
"Well, that's not to say I don't appreciate your kindness, because I do... It's just that, after all I did, you'd help me? Why?"
I was silenced by an energetic knock on the door, I was about to open it when they shouted:
"Ponyville Royal Guard Put your hooves in the air"
Just as the door bangs open.
"You are convicted of being a changeling by Princess Twilight Sparkle, you are to surrender any weapons and prepare for scanning..."
But he couldn't finish as he was interrupted by a flash of green light.
"Oh, well... You, sir! Do you know that mare? She is now charged with being a changeling and resisting arrest. Any witnesses or information is to be brought to the courtroom at exactly 8pm tomorrow..."

"If you're quite finished I would like you to pay for damages to Ponyville hospital."

"Oh, uhhh, right..."

"W-Wait!" Raises a hoof in the air. "You...you need a place to stay...?"

'wow, he just defended me...'
"Yeah, see?" *Gestures towards you with a hoof

"Mmmhmm, well, I'm probably alright now so I guess I'll take my leave. Oh, right, what was your name again?"

Before you could answer I blurted out "His name is Anon, now please go"

"Ri~ight, not suspicious at all. *She looks at you* If she's trouble for you, don't be afraid to tell me." She said before teleporting out

"Ok.. Uhh... Thanks... *I look at your bag* I'm going to assume that you want nothing to do with me so I'll go too, I guess." I say, a little sadly as I start trotting towards the door. "You probably know who I am so you know I was just exiled..." I give a slight chuckle "So I'll be around looking for residence, bye."

"Y-Yes! It's true, Princess." He paused, thinking, 'Did...did I just defend her?' He shook his head, and stood up, wobbling a bit. "Right when one of them chloroformed me, I vividly saw her starting to attack them, before I was unconscious."

"You're In ponyville hospital"

You stare at her, Realising that they didn't take off your bag. "phew..."

"Let me explain... I was trotting along the edge of ponyville when I noticed a couple of ponies taking your body away, I asked the what they were doing and... I blacked out, I think... Hmm, anyway, I woke up here, and a few minutes later a mare rushed you here saying you were kidnapped by changelings... What do you remember?"

"Well... I"

"Oh, here's the mare that brought you here!"

"HI, and yes, I heard your little story..." I grinned at you sheepishly "I noticed what Twilight noticed but I was further into the ever free so I followed them, they removed their disguises and I knocked them out and rescued you." I finished quickly

"Wait... so... what were you doing in the ever free!?" Twilight exclaimed

"Oh, uh... Harvesting... Mushrooms! yeah, mushrooms..."

"Ok..." She looks like she doesn't believe a word of it "Well then, What did you say your name was?"


"Speetha? That's an odd name... So tell me, 'Speetha', Why did you follow the ponies taking him away?" She got up in my face

"Oh, uhh... they were suspicious...?" Though I sounded more like a question. I was getting more nervous and backed away slowly, while she followed my steps.

"So, You were harvesting mushrooms in the everfree when you saw some ponies accompanying him *she points her hoof towards you* who was unconscious, then you followed them and saw them turn into changelings, so you attacked them, without injury and brought him here while leaving them in the forest!?"

"...Um... Yes...?"

I look at you pleadingly

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