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I love to read, YOU CAN'T STOP ME FROM IT!!! I like to laugh with family and friends, I <3 puppies and kittens, and I enjoy riddles. GreenGlassDoor.

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2016857 like five minutes. Ive heaed a similar riddle before called Bobby's world. Same idea, different setup.

Brony on!

You are correct! And you're welcome for following your story. How hard was the riddle for you?

Thanks for following Man of War! Feel free to comment and be sure to check out my Blogs. Also, be sure to check out the Man of War Group for more!

Brony on!

And as for your riddle, my guess is double letters (EX. oo, pp, ee, rr). Am I right?

Can you figure out this riddle?
Green Glass Door.
What can go through: Apple/apples, kitten, puppy, moose, soot, hoods, geese/goose, Scoots/Scootaloo, AppleJack, AppleBloom, SweetieBell, Carrot Top, cheese, reef, goof/goofs, carrots, foot/feet, hoof/hooves, and things like that.
What can't go through: ponies, cows mice, pine cones, ice cream, snow, clouds, leaves/leaf, horses, paper, vines, brown, white, black, purple, turquoise, island/islands, fish, gold, iron, garlic, people, animals, jokes, pages, Slender Man, fences, posts, words, and things like that.

What can and can't go through the Green Glass Door?

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