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Royal Radiance

Hello, I am Royal Radiance (formerly Widgetgidget) and I love writing stories about ponies. Feel free to peruse my stories and I hope you enjoy it,if you like it or have advice,tell me, help's wanted


It's my birthday · 10:55am Oct 29th, 2015

Hooray, finally! It's that day I look forward to all year, anyways, I apologize for the few here who enjoy my stories and are waiting for me to get off my lazy butt and start writing, I've been quite busy lately but my workload should be lighter soon. So maybe... Just maybe. If I'm feeling like writing, I'll continue or start a story. If there's a story that you want to see wore of, please tell me. Sincerely, Royal Radiance

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Illuminati confirmed! · 10:41am Aug 31st, 2015


Music, music, for everyone to hear · 4:13pm Jul 29th, 2015

for http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Poetry+Motion Music, music for everyone to hear,
when one's symphony commences today.
Music, Music resonates without fear,
with every note and phrase, it molds our clay

So Mellow, mellow, can a person's phrase shape,
so allegro, short, a person's phrase last.
allegro should slow and hear the song's tape
mellows must stray from dread, or be aghast

Phrases, phrases, to how music must form
notes within measure upon measure line

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How I became a brony · 7:55am Jun 17th, 2015

So I know only about a little over a thousand people know me, and although that sounds like a lot if I were to meet said people in one place but since this site is massive not many people know me, so if you're reading this then, I'm glad you're here! Please enjoy my stories and if you don't tell me why. Anyways, I have rambled enough, I need to get on topic. Anyways, so like many bronies prior to transformation I thought of the fandom as sickening or some kind of joke. I obviously don't

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