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Just a creative brony who has a lot of ideas and likes to write some of them out.


So. . .I found this · 2:26pm Sep 18th, 2015

I recently found this on my computer. Forgot it was there as it was tucked away in a folder. Decided to share it with all the good people on this site and what not. So, here it is.

The Beast With a
Thousand Eyes

There lives a creature, a beast
upon innocent passers it does feast
its home a mansion old
stories are spoken, tales spun
yet none tell what must be told
the creature, a beast of nightmares
it feasts on the victim, but the eyes

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Newest Collaboration Story · 2:56pm Feb 8th, 2015

Hey there. Me and a couple friends are working together on a Humans in Equestria story. It got a lot of favorites early on, but not a lot of feedback. Just a few comments but not what im looking for. If you could please read and comment it would mean a lot to us.

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stories of stories · 8:01am Nov 25th, 2014

I realized recently that all of my stories are stories being told by others, namely Spike. I guess this is a style of mine. Hadn't noticed it before. They are still good stories, but i will try and make some of my future stories in a different style. That is, unless the readers like it this way. I am open to any and all suggestions

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