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Just a creative brony who has a lot of ideas and likes to write some of them out.


This story is a sequel to Song of Silence

Much time has passed. Months, since Vinyl and Octavia were forcefully separated from each other. They don't know where the other is. They don't know how they feel. And yet they still can't get one another out of their minds. Across a city, with who knows what between them, can two ponies truly in love find one another?

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The third and final story in the Origin Chronicles trilogy.

Many years have passed since the Darkness threatened all of Equestria. These have been years of peace and joy. Luna and Spike have married and had a daughter, Star Shadow. For a while, everything is wonderful.
However, there a still a Darkness, slumbering in the depths of Equestria. Unfortunately, only young Star Shadow herself can face this Darkness. Can she overcome her own past, her own emotions, and stand up to face this threat? Or will she succumb and lead the Darkness across the land herself?

Chapters (12)

A friendly wager between two Princesses doesn't turn out the way either of them expected them to. Now, both Luna and Cadance have to deal with the fallout from that wager and the embarrassment that comes with it. Armed with jokes so bad they're good and a sexy cupid outfit these two Princesses will have one hell of a day!

A side story set in the OC, Oh Crap universe. The story doesn't need to be read to enjoy this one

Also, cover art not my own. Found it on the interwebs

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She doesn't need words to speak. She doesn't need words to understand. A deeper connection lies between them. They have something greater than words. A bond forged over the course of only a day, but it will e the most important day of both their lives.

Now with a live reading on YouTube!

Cover art not mine

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Three friends find themselves in the Land of Equestria. With no memory of how they got there or why. Together with their new pony friends these three will share love and a lot of laughter as shenanigans ensue! But not all is love and laughter as a darkness is also coming to Equestria. What will happen then?

A collaboration between myself, Dream Caster Tessla, and DeathReaper 1541

Chapters (28)

It has been three years since Spike defeated the Dark Dragon King Galeek. Now a new and even darker evil threatens the land of Equestria. This new Madness sweeps across the land like a dark plague. Will Spike have the strength to defeat this new evil? Can he get back to the pony he loves?

Chapters (26)

Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, and Apple Bloom find themselves a way to tell the most amazing story ever. But when they actually get to telling the story, things happen and it does not quite go as planned.

Just something I had in my head that i had to get out

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Spike learns the amazing secrets of the ancient art of Dragon Magic. He will travel the land, making new friends and learning new things. In the end he will have to use the gifts he has acquired to save the land of Equestria from the return of the Dark Dragon King, Galeek

My first fanfic and not my cover art. Found it online

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