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For 24 years this guy;s been living right next to me, and he's still clueless


Just gimme a hint! · 4:06pm Feb 27th, 2014

Right i'm just tapped out i just don't know where to look next... If ANY of you have ideas as to where she is just send me a comment or a PM or a carrier pidgin or SOMETHING and that is where i'll look next.
I... I... I just need to find her...
Alice... where are you...

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Not a fan of whirlygigs. · 3:18pm Dec 12th, 2013

As it turns out, the Ukraine is kinda large! I only figured this out because of how damn long it took my plane to get out of the country! I'm not so sure where I went after that, but my instinct told me it was in and Alice'y direction at least. And at least I laded in an English speaking country. You'd be surprised how little I have to use any of the other languages I've learned. You think my latin might be a little outdated?

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Day 3, and I glimpsed her in the Writer's group! · 6:55am Dec 10th, 2013

I saw her! Someone her suggested I look in the writer's group, but she just evaded me by dodging past a troll post and into the unmoderated stroies! And I wasn't going to risk going in there, no way, I need to protect my sanity! So instead I bought another ticket with the sale of one minor extremity and got flown in a crate full of lemurs to some little country I'm sure no one in the world is paying attention to. I mean, who's even heard of Ukraine?

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Day 2, and still no sign... · 5:21am Dec 9th, 2013

FIMFiction is so far one of the nicest places I've carried my search to. That last place I went, some convention in Massachusetts? They kept asking if I wanted a jacket against the cold, but i said no, because it had too many buckles. They then chased me all the way to the airport.

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