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So far... · 11:49pm Mar 17th, 2014

Well, got 200 views so far. Thanks to everyone who's contributed for the favorites and the thumbs up on my story. Gotta admit though, it would've been harder to continue writing if I hadn't gotten the positive reviews so far.

Now I'll start work on my second story soon, hopefully. SPOILERS, Spike won't be just lounging around in the castle the entire time, he's going to help somepony in one of Canterlot's biggest crime yet!

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Chapter 6 · 7:16pm Feb 20th, 2014

Should be able to post up the next part of Cold Confrontations by tomorrow at least. Some minor editing and hacking off the odd part here and there.

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Other races in Equestria · 12:59am Jan 22nd, 2014

How many races could there be in Equestria?
From what we've seen so far in the show, it's mostly pony variants, i.e. zebras and then mythical creatures.
What other creatures could live here? We've got Diamond Dogs and Changelings and Dragons.

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Yeah, I'm still here · 10:22pm Jan 5th, 2014

Only took me a month to post only my 4th chapter. Couldn't think of how I wanted to do this one but I did want to move onto Twilight getting some of the spotlight. Well, drop a comment while you read please. It helps me see any mistakes and how well I'm doing as a writer.

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100 Views! · 1:31am Dec 25th, 2013

Wow, it may be small but to me it's a milestone.
First story I've been able to write and it's mostly generally positive reception, Thanks to everyone who has read and Favorited this story so far. It's one of the best things to feel as a writer is how much someone else enjoys their work.
Happy Holidays!

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Monthly Mark · 12:52am Dec 12th, 2013

Well I've been on the site for a month and it's been mostly fun to read, comment and find other people's writing styles.

One thing I have been wondering is what makes a really good story? Now I don't mean a 1000 Likes kind of story, no not that.
What I mean is what makes a story worth reading, one that people honestly enjoy. I understand everyone is different and that we are open to varying ideas but I mean who's to say what's the good, the bad, and the ugly?

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