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Phantom, a Heartless like no other.

After its destruction by the hands of Sora, it returned to the Realm of Darkness. However, this was not the end for him. He finds himself in Equestria, tasked with devouring the Heart of the World. Will this Heartless be stopped or will Equestria fall to Darkness?

Takes place just after Magical Mystery Cure but before Princess Twilight Sparkle in MLPverse. KH into KH2 game.
MLP:FIM belongs to Hasbro and Kingdom Hearts I/II belongs to Square Enix.
Editor who is totally awesome: AlicornPriest, from chapter 3 onward.
My submission to the PlayStation Gamers contest.

Chapters (6)

Twilight is taken back to Canterlot after the Smarty Pants incident. As the rest of the Elements begin to fight amongst themselves, will the ties of friendship last or will the bonds that they've shared be broken forever?
While the Element's bonds begin to slowly fade, an old adversary returns with one goal in mind. To ensure that Elements will never reunite, ever again.

What I think could have happened if Twilight was taken back to Canterlot.
Pre-read by Soge. Awesome Pre-reader/Editor.
Coverart by Chaosqueen. Amazing Artist.

Chapters (10)

Princess Celestia, when not facing down end of the world catastrophes, has a very basic routine she's come to tolerate. From sunrise to sunset, the same schedule over and over. Listening, petitioning, more listening and then finally announcing her verdict.

When she's finally done with the affairs of the court and tending to the populace, she decides to go take a nap. To a special place that no pony can find her, a place that no pony would suspect a princess to safely secretly slumber . For where she's heading is worth more than a dragon lord's horde and it makes her happier than a day spent at a Summer Sun Celebration. It's a magical place that Celestia doesn't feel the eyes of everypony watching her. Magical Daycare.

Chapters (1)

I used to be somepony.
Somepony this town could depend on.
Now, I'm just an old mare with nothing to do.

Mayor Mare sits alone in the Town Hall. The years have taken their toll on this once proud pony, as she withers away behind a desk. As life passes her by, she wonders if Ponyville truly needs her anymore. A certain princess comes to her and offers her wisdom to help guide Mayor Mare out of the darkness. She will either overcome these personal demons, or she will succumb to them.

1st Person/Pony P.O.V. story attempt.

Chapters (4)

Canterlot, the glowing jewel of Equestria. Home of the Princess of the Sun and Moon, this city is revered by all.
However, there is another side to Princess Celestia's home. Beneath it's glorified exterior lie the dark underbelly of the city. Underhoofed deals are made, cutthroat schemes enacted in secret and hidden pacts are formed.

Clear Truth, a rookie-lawyer from Manehatten, is asked by none other than Celestia herself to solve Canterlot's first murder. By his side, Spike Sparkle, adopted brother of the newest princess of Equestria. Will Clear Truth and Spike be able to find the true killer, or will an innocent pony face the hangmare's noose?

Based off of the Phoenix Wright games owned by Capcom. Everything else property of Hasbro.
Except my OCs, they're mine. Unless you ask politey so you can rent them.
New Editor who freakin' rocks: Firesight Started on Chapter 10.

Chapters (10)

Twilight's new royal duties take her beyond Equestria's borders and travel to the frozen wilds beyond even the Crystal Empire. Along the way, she will endure the pettiness of a royal prince and an apathetic reindeer who doesn't seem to care much. About anything. Will she be able to handle her new responsibilities and the untamed nature of the Northern Wilds?

Proofread/Edited by:
Chromio Fractured Heart onward.
Cover Art: Silfoe

Chapters (11)
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