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Still young and aspiring. I play TF2, Don't Starve, Hearthstone, Starcraft ll, and another ton of games you guys don't care about.

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I'm Back! (Sorta) · 12:35pm Oct 8th, 2014

So, raised school grades and I have a Youtube channel! Granted, I'm a little young to have one, and I sorta maybe or may not have restarted my channel's videos, but I got new ones incoming so I guess that's cool?

Soooo.....what's everyone's opinion on this new layout? No like over here. Give me my simple one back ;~;


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Welcome to my page! (I guess?)

Welcome! (I guess?)
I'm still pretty young, and I created this account a year ago for...
I actually can't remember.
Anyway, I only have creativity at random times, maybe sometimes from watching certain episodes an idea pops into my mind.
But that's it.

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