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After a thousand years of banishment to the moon, Luna returns to find that not many ponies remember her. She has spent much of her time since her return hiding from the world, not even taking control of her night sky back from her elder sister. One night, she is convinced to slowly take command of her realm by Celestia. Luna once again learns what it means to be a princess, and to be loved by her subjects when they send her their thanks and love in the most humble of manners, in written form.

This is the story of her return to grace, and of her subjects' love and affection for both Luna and her night sky.

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On old stallion recounts his life to his grandchildren on Hearth's Warming Eve.

Their request for a story becomes much more than that when one of them asks about Humans, and the stallion goes into a description of the human race that leads to a startling realization for his grandchildren, and even more, the story that goes with that realization.

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