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(SPOILERS) Krieg's Little land dolphins: A sneak peek at our main villain. (And minor villain role call) · 5:51pm Jun 8th, 2014

As was hinted in the first chapter, the royal guard and changeling kingdom will try to kill Krieg like Johnny Depp towards my childhood..
So, while animal villains like Chrysalis, Timberwolves, and the lovable oafs known as Diamond Dogs will play their roles in the story. The great thing about Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 was that he had a highly trained army that outgunned and outnumbered you.
and he constantly rubbed it in your face.

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Krieg's little Land Dolphins: Bicycles Are Tofu updates · 3:46pm Jun 4th, 2014

I don't know if it's because of my boosted ego, or just because I have nothing better to do now that I finished school for the year, regardless, I feel compelled to give my readers what I feel is a vital update to understanding Krieg's Little Land-Dolphins. After reviewing my past fics to look at mistakes I could avoid, and further studying the source material of what I am crossing over, I realized that I have a lot of ways to push this fic in the right direction.

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Thanks for giving me an amazing comeback! (And a list of the Canon changes I mentioned) · 2:21pm Jun 1st, 2014

First, I would like to say

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News regarding my return from a LONG hiatus · 1:03pm Jan 22nd, 2014

Hello my imaginary loyal fan base! It's been quite a while, I know I have been in constant hiatus, and that most of you have probably forgotten about me. I have good news and bad news

The good news: I AM in fact returning.

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Pony May Cry updates · 12:50pm Mar 12th, 2013

Well, guys, I'm back, it looks like I have a lot more time on this site to update now that my social life is ruined.
I have specific ideas for Pony May Cry.
Lady will follow Dante into Equestria for reasons that will be revealed in the new chapter. I haven't exactly started working on the new chapter yet. But I have specific ideas for it, as said above.

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I'm back · 3:37pm Sep 30th, 2012

Sorry guys, had to go away for a while, Getting a social life is HARD!

But I'm back, and working on a new chapter for Deadpool in Equestria.

Plus I've been doing a bit better in my Grammar and Literature classes. And am taking a bit more time with my fics.

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Still in need of a co-writer for pony may cry, also help with game crossovers for beginners · 2:13pm Jun 22nd, 2012

Let's face it, I have writers block, I put myself in a corner of which there is no escape.

So now I need help with Pony May Cry.

Also I have seen alot of game crossover fics that don't really stay true to their source material's gameplay or character personalities. Which from most of the feed back I get, appears to be my specialty.

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Should I go through with a Predator Crossover/ Pony May Cry updates/ Deadpool in Equestria updates · 2:32pm Jun 21st, 2012

So as of now, I wish for all the people who have favorited my stories to help me decide if I should go through with my new one

I was hoping for a Predator crossover


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Craziest Crossover I will ever make · 2:00pm May 25th, 2012

After I finish my DMC crossover, and my Dead Rising one, and the Deadpool one that started it all, I shall make a new crossover, inspired by MUGEN, to be the best crossover I've ever made.
What to expect:

Deadpool vs Batman in the middle of Sweet apple acres.
Godzilla vs Discord.
Pinkie Pie accidentally opening the floodgates to hell.

Shipping to be expected (Rarity being the one who notices how everyone starts having feelings for eachother):

Fluttershy x Predator

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Help with DMC fic · 8:30pm May 19th, 2012

the second chapter for the DMC fic "Pony May Cry" is partially ready, except it needs a reviser and someone to help me make "The big battle" at the end of the chapter, between Dante and the demon I designed to give Dante his first Devil Arm

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