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(SPOILERS) Krieg's Little land dolphins: A sneak peek at our main villain. (And minor villain role call) · 5:51pm Jun 8th, 2014

As was hinted in the first chapter, the royal guard and changeling kingdom will try to kill Krieg like Johnny Depp towards my childhood..
So, while animal villains like Chrysalis, Timberwolves, and the lovable oafs known as Diamond Dogs will play their roles in the story. The great thing about Handsome Jack in Borderlands 2 was that he had a highly trained army that outgunned and outnumbered you.
and he constantly rubbed it in your face.
Essentially, that means none of the prior antagonist on the show could be the villain, as most of their teams were small or incompetent.
(Keep in mind, I'm not really trying to make the antagonist a mystery as much for the reader as for the other characters) This, of course, lead me to use the Equestrian Royal Guard as the primary antagonist of the story.
Which in turn lead me to the obstacle of all Borderlands villains needing to be completely dickish. With Cadence playing a huge role in the main story, Shining Armor was ruled out from square one. Essentially, I was just gonna create an OC, but since I'm too lazy to do a character design, YOU GUESSED IT! (please read the full thing before you hate/love me because I chose this character for a reason)
Flash Sentry. Essentially, I only chose him because the lack of screen time gave me a blank slate to work with, and I noted that choosing a character with all of 5 minutes of screentime in the show, was just the kind of unpredictable and nonsense move that would work great in a Borderlands fic.
The more and more I thought about it though, the further and further I strayed away from the canon version.
First thing I noted was that for a new recruit, Flash Sentry was pretty high in the ranks.
The more and more I thought about how the antagonist in Borderlands work. The more and more I needed to mold the character.
Flash in this version, as you might have guessed, is pretty much your standard manipulative villain with an army, while I'm not gonna make Cadence do the Borderlands 2 Plot twist, Flash did take a lot of inspiration from Jack in terms of dickishness. I already have Flash's rise to power and everything planned out. But to reveal it pretty much ruins the character now. Due to this not really trying to be a mystery character, just wait until somewhere between chapters 5 and 10)

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