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CMC what if · 4:32am Feb 25th, 2019

Had a thought 2 nights ago. We already "sort of" saw part of this ,but what if 1 of the CMC didn't get a mark during the trio mark ep? How would this affect their friendship and group? Possible fic(s) for all 3 povs?

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finale theory maybe? · 2:37pm Sep 24th, 2016

I have had a theory for the finale and it wasn't until I heard that one of Chrysie's hive member's survived that I begun to think it might actually happen the way I envisioned it. basically the way I think the whole series will end is this: Chrysie is still alive Nightmare is still alive and Sombra though being blasted into bits has his horn still intact and is regenerating for now. Chrysie and Sombra join forces to try for the takeover again. which leads to Nightmare somehow coming into play.

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my group · 2:45am Sep 24th, 2016


Mystic Flare Originals · 12:50pm Sep 23rd, 2016

1.) Mystic Flare Original Internet Rule: The First Viewer is ALWAYS The Publisher.
2.) Mystic Flare Original catchphrase: "BOLTY" = Best Of Luck To You

(will add more originals as I come up with them)
((let's try and make these a thing :pinkiehappy:))

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rainbow visit's the DMV/SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE · 9:03pm Sep 22nd, 2016

I just got done with it and I hated the experience I couldn't help but think what would Dash think of going through this type of slow agonizing experience...sound's like it would make for a pretty comedic fic no? :pinkiehappy:

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unity is alchemy · 7:09pm Aug 3rd, 2016

someone has to put a group up for fics of this alternate universe of mlp this would make a great new fic style that I would enjoy reading day in and day out ULTIMARE UNIVERSE FICS PLEASE AND THANK YOU IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. ALSO FOLLOWS AND FAVES TO WHOEVER CAN MAKE THIS A POSSIBLE NEW GROUP FIC STYLE THING :heart: :twilightsmile:


going offline for awhile · 1:20pm Apr 13th, 2016

title says it all gonna be netless for several months maybe a year or two due to money and family issues sad to say

well it's been a good run Mystic Flare out

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awesome pony dream fanfic please?!?! · 5:53pm Dec 26th, 2015

okay so Yesterday night I had this awesome pony dream in the dream these two unicorn twins (a colt and a filly) somehow become alicorns. the brother becomes insane and evil upon realizing he's an alicorn and takes off into the sky. the sister realizing this power is possibly only a temporary gift seeks out the four princesses for help against her brother. Twilight ,Celestia ,Luna ,and cadence are in Canterlot Castle when the sister reaches them and tells them of what has happened to her and

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Future Diary X MLPFIM · 4:50pm Nov 10th, 2014

someone needs to do this I haven't even finished the anime but someone please please do a crossover Pinkie Pie I can MOST DEFINETLY see as Yuno and as for Yuki it's a tie for either Rainbow or Twilight leaning slightly more towards Twi for me as for the others whoever makes the fic it's your call just make sure Pinks is Yuno I'm on episode 10 of FD and I saw Yuno as Pinkie from the middle of ep 1 then ep 2 she was Pinkie FOREVER from then on someone cross it over it needs to be done

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technical difficulties · 2:08am Oct 21st, 2014

As the title says I am having trouble with googledocs on my xbox so yeah gonna have to find a way to get on the docs at possibly a library to start my FiMfic up so yeah sorry bro's/bronies/brony-friends but I'm stuck right now

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