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  • 3 weeks
    CMC what if

    Had a thought 2 nights ago. We already "sort of" saw part of this ,but what if 1 of the CMC didn't get a mark during the trio mark ep? How would this affect their friendship and group? Possible fic(s) for all 3 povs?

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  • 129 weeks
    finale theory maybe?

    I have had a theory for the finale and it wasn't until I heard that one of Chrysie's hive member's survived that I begun to think it might actually happen the way I envisioned it. basically the way I think the whole series will end is this: Chrysie is still alive Nightmare is still alive and Sombra though being blasted into bits has his horn still intact and is regenerating for now. Chrysie and

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  • 129 weeks
    my group

    join if you want :pinkiecrazy:

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  • 129 weeks
    Mystic Flare Originals

    1.) Mystic Flare Original Internet Rule: The First Viewer is ALWAYS The Publisher.
    2.) Mystic Flare Original catchphrase: "BOLTY" = Best Of Luck To You

    (will add more originals as I come up with them)
    ((let's try and make these a thing :pinkiehappy:))

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  • 129 weeks
    rainbow visit's the DMV/SOCIAL SECURITY OFFICE

    I just got done with it and I hated the experience I couldn't help but think what would Dash think of going through this type of slow agonizing experience...sound's like it would make for a pretty comedic fic no? :pinkiehappy:

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my group · 2:45am Sep 24th, 2016

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